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Game Night Movie Review By Ms. H

Written by RealMsH


There are certain actors who are known for playing roles in comedies rather than drama or action/adventure movies.  Both of the stars, Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams usually star in comedies so it was not surprising to me the movie was a comedy.  The question is was it a good or boring comedy.

Plot of Game Night

The plot of Game Night was a predictable one.  There are couples who regularly get together to play all sorts of games, such as charades, board games and even trivia.  In an attempt to top his sibling, Kyle Chandler who played the brother of Jason Bateman’s character, decided to have a real- life type game night.  This is where the adventures begin. Of course there is the strange neighbor who wants to join the couples, but Jason Batman and Rachel McAdams finds all types of excuses to exclude him.

Predictability of Game Night

As soon as the movie started, I had an inkling of what the plot would be and what would happen.  Game Night is a movie not to be taken seriously, and I’m sure the writer and director knew they were not making a movie worthy of Oscar recognition.  It was simply an amusing movie with some funny and not so funny parts.

Acting Ability of the Characters

I think all the characters did an adequate part acting out their roles.  None of the scenes in my opinion required great academy-award winning performances.  However, of all the characters in this comedy, the star who stood out for me was Rachel McAdams. She not only had a lot of funny lines, but she also did physical comedy as well.  Spoiler Alert: My favorite part of the movie was when she confronted the bad guys, not knowing if they were the actual enemies or not.


Problem with Game Night

There were too many false turns in Game Night.  Once you find out that the first scenario was not real, you would sort of settle down to see what happens next in the movie -- only to find there are additional false turns.  Spoiler Alert: Toward the end of the movie, during the plane scene when the bad guy was captured, I was thinking that maybe he was not really the bad guy, but an actor playing a part.

Assessment of Game Night

In hindsight after seeing the movie, I think the movie was made so that small children could understand it.  In other words, there was nothing intriguing or suspenseful about the movie.  There was no big problem to solve or no characters to analyze.  Game Night was just a simple comedy that I would not rush out to see.  In fact, Game Night could have been a Netflix, Amazon or other streaming type movie.  Unless you are curious about this movie and want to see it, I would suggest you wait until it moves to some of the streaming services or goes to DVD.  You won’t be missing anything if you do.

Rating of Game Night

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Game Night 2 stars.


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