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I, Tonya - A Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to I, Tonya - A Movie Review by Ms. H

The I, Tonya movie is loosely based on events that occurred relative to what happened between ice-skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan in regards to the 1994 Winter Olympics.  I emphasize loosely, because in my opinion this movie was written based on an outlandish drama, with a few facts thrown in.

I, Tonya --  Docudrama Movie or a Movie Drama

If you watch I, Tonya and can get around the amount of profane language in this film, you may wonder if the events you see on the screen really happened. In my opinion I, Tonya, as a docudrama is not to be taken seriously.   By the way, the actor who won the Golden Globe for best supporting actress overacted her role. It is  odd to me Allison Janney actually won a Golden Globe for this part.  I noticed that the writers/directors took quite a bit of literary license to make this movie.  As I watched the I, Tonya movie I could not tell which actions were based on fact, or those that were done for pure so-called  “entertainment” value.

Flashbacks are the usual method to show the audience events that occurred in the past during a movie  - so flashbacks were not the problem.  However, the director apparently thought it was a good idea to have some of the actors actually talk to the audience during the movie.  This method, in my opinion, jolted you out of concentrating on what was going on in the movie and forced you to refocus on what he or she was saying about a particular scene.   For example during the movie when the action moved away from the mother, played by Allison Janney -- she said something to this effect to the audience -- “What happened to my storyline?”  There was other similar-type dialogue to the audience throughout the movie. I think it was a movie-fail as well as amateurish to have the actors chatter with the movie audience.

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Comedy Relief in I, Tonya Movie

There was an obese character in the movie who served as the comic relief.  I’m not sure if this was an actual character or not, but he performed adequately to make the audience laugh at some of his lines.  Even though Allison Janney who played the part of Tonya Harding's mother, had a lot of dialogue at the beginning of the movie including spewing out a lot of insults, for some reason, I believe  the director thought it was a good idea to have Tonya Harding belt some insults to the obese person during one of the scenes.  This part could have been eliminated, but I guess in the interest of trying to keep the audience “entertained”, it  was left in the movie.

I, Tonya - Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan

You may wonder if Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan were friends or even knew each other before the incident happened. The actress who played Tonya Harding, Margot Robbie said during the narration that they were friends.  However during the movie, instead of showing scenes to demonstrate the friendly relationship between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding, the director put in one scene of them having a sleepover together. That was it.  I’m not sure if this actually happened, but I think the movie would have fared better if their relationship with each other was explored further, instead of the movie concentrating mostly on the obnoxious mother and Tony Harding’s abusive spouse.

Assessment of I, Tonya Movie

I think I, Tonya was released not to inform everyone  of what transpired  during the incident involving Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding but to try to “entertain” people by exaggerating events that may or may not have occurred. Instead of the big screen, I think this movie should have been shown on TV, netflix or other streaming services. The people who lived through the events shown in the movie probably let the writer/director have free reign on changing what happened to fit their agendas. Unfortunately, what could have been a quality movie was lost in the process.

Rating of I, Tonya Movie

Based on a  rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate I Tonya one and one fourth (1 ¼) stars.

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