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Maze Runner: The Death Cure - A Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

Disclaimer:  The views expressed in Maze Runner: The Death Cure - A Movie Review by Ms. H are mine alone and do not represent those of

Introduction to Maze Runner:  The Death Cure - A Movie Review by Ms. H

The movie, Maze Runner: The Death Cure continues events that happened in the previous Maze Runner movies.  However, you do not have to watch the other movies in order to enjoy or keep up with Maze Runner: The Death Cure.  During the movie, there are a few flashbacks when actions are related to the other movies so you are not at a disadvantage by not having seen them.  I saw the previous movie, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials but not the one before it. Whether I saw or did not see the other Maze Runner movies did not add to or take away from my enjoyment of watching Maze Runner: The Death Cure movie.

Actions in Maze Runner: The Death Cure Movie

Maze Runner: The Death Cure movie delivered admirably in providing a movie that was not only action packed, but also the actions moved the story along.  By the way, the actions in the film, Maze Runner: The Death Cure were not your run of the mill car chases, etc. but much more attention-grabbing. Additionally, there were quite a few high-powered stunts that will keep your interest as well.

Actors in Maze Runner:  The Death Cure Movie

I like that just about all the previous actors from the other Maze Runner movies were also in this movie.  A plus was since the Maze Runner movies were not spaced many years apart from each other, the actors all looked just about the same as before. I especially liked that the main character in this movie continued to be played by Dylan O’Brien, who starred in the other Maze Runner movies.

Plot of Maze Runner: The Death Cure Movie

Simply put, Maze Runner: The Death Cure is about two groups of people -- one who has immunity against a vicious virus or plague, and the other who does not. The non-protected people want to capture the ones who are immune and use their blood, etc. to help save the rest of the populace. However, those that have already been infected, are ostracised from entering the city which is protected by a giant wall.  

You may start thinking about the morality of this, for example is it fine for those who are immune to try to protect themselves from being used and if it is ok for those who are not immune to seek out and use those to save others. To fully enjoy the movie, I would suggest putting aside judgements as to who is right or wrong in this movie, and just follow the movie’s actions including the sacrifices that were made to save certain members of the group who were captured.

Twists and Turns in the Plot of Maze Runner:  The Death Cure Movie

Spoiler Alert:  There was no big secrets revealed in Maze Runner: The Death Cure. As discussed above, the plot was straight-forward --  save those who were going to be destroyed through medical tests, etc.  by the factions in power.  Even though there were no twists or turns in the plot, I found the movie to be interesting mainly because of the various innovative techniques used to escape the enemies as well as the overall storyline.  Spoiler Alert:  There was also a level of suspense throughout the movie since you did not know who was going to make it through and who would not.  Of course, the exception was the star of the movie, Dylan O’Brien who you would probably expect to survive.

Coincidences or Chance Meetings in Maze Runner:  The Death Cure.

Sometimes in real life you may meet someone you haven’t seen for a while, just by being at a certain place at a particular time -- but purely by chance. However, in this movie, it seemed highly unlikely to me that a couple would meet accidentally in a crowded location -- just by chance.  Also it seemed that at the most opportune moments when you thought the group would be cornered or caught, somehow, either an aerial vehicle or someone would show up it seemed out of nowhere to save them.  Unfortunately everyone was not saved, but since I would like you to see Maze Runner: The Death Cure, I will not divulge who was and was not saved.  Again, these chance meetings, etc. did not negatively affect my overall enjoyment of the movie, Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Choice of Who Survived in Maze Runner:  The Death Cure

If you watch  the film, Maze Runner: The Death Cure you may attempt to predict who will survive and who will not.  Even though you may not be able to resist the urge to pick and choose, I believe the movie will be more enjoyable to you if you just go with the flow of how the movie and the characters are played out. In other words, keep your mind open as to what may happen in the movie Maze Runner:  The Death Cure.


Assessment of  Maze Runner:  The Death Cure

Usually at the end of a really good superhero type movie such as The Avengers or other well written and directed movies, you may hear a smattering of applause here and there as the audience expresses their satisfaction of the movie.  Of course this depends on the movie and the audience; however, when I saw Maze Runner: The Death Cure I witnessed the audience clapping at the end of the movie.  This action did not influence my review of the movie: however, I will share with you that I also clapped.

The movie lasts about 2 hours and 23 minutes, but because of all the actions, explosions, drama (yes, there was drama) as well as suspense in the movie, it did not seem to last that long.  It was interesting to me that as I watched Maze Runner: The Death Cure, I knew I was going to do a movie review, so I fluctuated back and forth on the number of stars I was going to give it.  However, by the end of the movie, I knew Maze Runner: The Death Cure deserved a good movie rating, not necessarily due to the acting skills of the actors, but because of the imaginative movie story that, in my opinion, was executed very well.

Rating of The Maze Runner:  The Death Cure

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Maze Runner: The Death Cure 4 stars.

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