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12 Strong - A Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to 12 Strong - A Movie Review by Ms. H

Before seeing the movie 12 Strong, I was unaware it was related to the tragedy that happened on 9/11.  I was under the impression the movie was about a group of 12 men who fought together in a war. The movie is about this, but the impetus behind the war was the tragic events that occurred on 9/11.  The movie, 12 Strong was based on 12 heroic men who fought in this war but unfortunately, they were not honored publicly.  However, their actions are showcased in the docudrama movie 12 Strong.  

Acting Skills Displayed in the 12 Strong Movie

The 12 Strong movie stars Chris Hemsworth better known for playing Thor, God of Thunder. In fact Chris Hemsworth recently starred in the blockbuster movie Thor: Ragnarok. Obviously, The 12 Strong movie was quite different from the Marvel superhero film.  In the 12 Strong movie, Chris Hemsworth plays the part of the Captain who is the leader of 11 other war comrades while Thor:Ragnarok is a superhero movie.  That being said,  I give kudos to Chris Hemsworth for shedding the image of Thor while playing this role, and I think he performed adequately in carrying as well as starring in the movie, 12 Strong.

Pros of the 12 Strong Movie

The 12 Strong  movie scores high on realism.  In fact, the 12 Strong movie may remind you of previous well-acted and directed war movies such as  Black Hawk Down and others. Speaking of Black Hawk Down, I saw this movie a few years ago,and I still remember the intensity of some of the war scenes. In my opinion, i think the 12 Strong movie is to be recognized for the realism of the war scenes comparable to this movie as well as other noteworthy war films.

I believe the writers and director did a good job of showing the comradery among the group of 12 men who fought in this war.  During some scenes in the movie, you will hear light banter between the members of the group.  Looking back on the movie, I do not recall any fracases or huge disagreements between the 12 men.  It was clear to me the men were there to get the job done under the leadership of their Captain, played by Chris Hemsworth and were focused on their mission.

The background music of  the 12 Strong movie complemented the war images shown on the screen. I was impressed by the accompanying music as well as the various sound effects that went perfectly with the movie.

I liked that 12 Strong embodied the use of horses which to me was odd for a modern-era war movie.  However, since 12 Strong is a docudrama, I think it is interesting to know these events actually took place, and horses were used during this particular war.

Cons of the 12 Strong Movie

I was not a fan of the forced suspense that I noticed in the movie 12 Strong, including instances where you may think the characters were in grave danger.  Of course since 12 Strong is a movie, some scenes may have been tweaked for dramatic effect.  I will not spoil the movie by providing the details, but it was strange to me that in one of the scenes the actor seemed to be severely injured to the point of passing out; however, in the next scene and within seconds, he is up again fighting the war with nary a scratch.

Also, Chris Hemsworth’s look changed a lot especially during some of the war scenes which was possible, but again, I think the art department went a little overboard with his facial makeup when he was deep in war.  If you see the movie, 12 Strong, you will know what I’m referring to.

The title of the movie -- 12 Strong is not true to the letter; even though the 12 Strong were the core group who fought in this particular war.  By titling the film 12 Strong, I think the writer and directors were not really misleading you about the movie; however, once you see the movie, you will realize they had help along the way with fighting the war.

a man riding a horse chris hemsworth gets ready to battle on the ground in afghanistan in 12 strong 802424

Assessment of the 12 Strong Movie

As I mentioned earlier, Chris Hemsworth is known for playing Thor, The God of Thunder in the Marvel superhero movies.  The 12 Strong movie was a major change for him in character-acting and in my opinion, he succeeded in making the transition.  I would classify 12 Strong as a good movie and one that I think will keep your interest.

Rating of the 12 Strong Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate the 12 Strong movie four and one-half  (4 ½)  stars.

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