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The Post - A Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

The Post - A Movie Review by Ms. H

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Introduction to The Post - A Movie Review

One of the reasons I decided to see The Post was due to the Oscar buzz I’ve been hearing about the film.  Additionally, the movie starred two Academy Award winning actors, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.  If the film was not good or well done, I thought at least I would enjoy seeing acting from two people who are supposedly true professionals in their field. I also expected to hear dialogue that would fall in the category of the 10 best movie lines or 10 best movie quotes.  Unfortunately, The Post failed to deliver on all these fronts -- movie quality, expert acting and one of the 10 best movie lines and 10 best movie quotes.  Maybe The Post movie is better suited to be an online movie or documentary.  Suffice it to say, The Post will not be categorized as the number 1 movie of all times. Check out my movie review of The Post to find out more.

Premise of The Post Movie

The Post movie is centered around The Washington Post newspaper. Essentially, the film is about the government allegedly covering up or providing misinformation about the status of progress in the Vietnam War.   Actor Meryl Streep played the part of the widow who inherited running the Washington Post newspaper after her husband passed away and actor Tom Hanks played the part of an executive at The Post. A plus for The Post movie is the premise was simple and easy to follow.

The Post Movie Actors’ Skills

I think both Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep failed when it came to performing their roles in The Post  movie.  The Post was the first movie I’ve seen starring Meryl Streep so I was curious if she would impress me as an actor.  Unfortunately, she did not. I knew of her past movie career history of being snubbed at the Oscars before finally winning an Academy Award but I was new when it came to watching her movies.

Throughout The Post movie, she seemed to have a perpetual smirk or grin on her face most of the time as if she would burst into laughter at any moment.  Of course given the serious circumstances surrounding a major story for the Post, this look was out of place.  Additionally, she seemed removed from the circumstances going on in the movie.  She portrayed a real-life person, so maybe this explained her lackluster performance if she was staying true to that particular character.  However, for dramatic effect and to possibly save this movie, I feel she could have done a better job demonstrating through her acting abilities how difficult it was to make a major decision that could either make or break the Washington Post newspaper.

As for Tom Hanks -- Looks like he is becoming the go-to actor when it comes to portraying real- life figures in docudrama movies.  I saw him awhile back when he played the part of the airline pilot, Sully, who heroically  landed a plane in the Hudson River. If I compared his performance in the Sully movie with that of The Post, the Sully movie would come out ahead. Just as Meryl Streep was laid back in her portrayal of her character -- by contrast, I believe Tom Hanks overacted.  A lot of  actors take pointers from directors in how to depict their character, so maybe he was directed to appear hyper at every turn when he played the Washington Post executive.

The Post Movie Actions

Except for a war-fighting beginning, a messenger running through the streets, and a scene showing the rapid movement of the printing presses at the Washington Post while the newspapers were printing, actions were minimal in this movie.  Since The Post is a docudrama and not an action/adventure movie, the slow pace of the movie can be expected.  However, since there were no action scenes, the writer and director could have concentrated more on creating a suspenseful element of the movie.

Spoiler Alert:   The decision to run a story the Supreme Court  prohibited a competing newspaper, The New York Times, from publishing -- was supposedly the highlight of The Post movie. Unfortunately, since the Washington Post was not signaled out by the Supreme Court, actions were already underway to print the story after permission was obtained from Meryl Streep’s character.  However, late-breaking information which could possibly damage The Post if the story moved forward, caused Meryl Streep to either cancel or confirm her earlier decision to print  the story in the Washington Post newspaper.  There was no suspense involved in her decision on whether or not to publish the story because I’m sure the audience already knew that she was going to stick with her earlier decision.


Assessment of The Post Movie

I believe this movie would have been more effective as a documentary showing the actual events that happened maybe through TV clips or news footages.  The Post could possibly have been a documentary film shown on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, or other online movie avenues instead of in the movie theaters. The bottom line and to put it simply, there were no drama, suspense, highlights or in my opinion any reason to see The Post  movie.

Rating of The Post Movie

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate The Post 1 ½ stars.

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