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Molly’s Game Movie Review by Ms. H

Written by RealMsH

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Prior to seeing the movie  Molly’s Game, I anticipated it would be the typical story of a woman who was seeking to get wealthy quickly at almost all costs -- which included going the gambling route.  I did not read reviews or look at movie trailers, etc. previously, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that with a few exceptions, Molly’s Game, starring Jessica Chastain was not the gambling cliche movie I thought it would be.


Get RIch Quick Storyline in the Molly’s Game Movie

The movie, Molly’s Game is based the true story of Molly Bloom who became wealthy through managing gambling tables.  I’ve seen similar casino-type movies, where in many instances the person profiting from this venture got money “under the table” or performed some other shady deals to make it big. Oftentimes, making poor choices and other reasons resulted in such an undertaking being a dangerous venture.  What I liked about Molly’s Game is I think the movie conveyed why she believed that her way to wealth was by trying her luck at running a gambling “business.”  The writer of Molly's Game made it clear that when she started, there was initially no intent to defraud or simply take advantage of other’s weaknesses. In fact, many times Molly Bloom attempted to discourage people from playing the tables, especially if they were not good at the game.  While seemingly looking out for others while at the same time running her business, Molly Bloom demonstrated that she could come become a sucess. Well, at least, in the beginning. Don’t worry. I will not reveal any spoilers.

Molly’s Game Movie - Pros

There are many ways to tell a story, including flashbacks, narration and chronological events, etc. I believe the Molly’s Game movie effectively used a combination of flashbacks, narration and current personal happenings to share Molly Bloom's story. These methods were used flawlessly and the events of the story moved along at a good pace.  Even though the movie could be considered long (2 hours, 20 minutes  to be exact), you may become so engrossed in her story that when the movie ended, you may not realize the movie lasted as long as it did.

I found Molly’s Game to not only be entertaining but informative as well in the way of learning about Molly Bloom’s character.  As mentioned earlier, I’ve watched casino-type movies in the past; however, in comparison to other movies of this type, i.e. the movie 21 and others, I found Molly’s Game to be more revealing as to who Molly Bloom was as a person. I believe the movie succeeded in letting the audience know insider information on what drove Molly Bloom to get into this line of work.

If you see Molly’s Game, you will notice there are plenty of dialogue between Molly and who ever she comes in contact with.  This was a positive because the dialogue actually helped move the story along.  There were no deviation from who the story was about by bringing in background stories about people she may have  encountered.  If a background story of one of her clients was told, it was done from the viewpoint of Molly Bloom.  By taking this approach, the writer and director kept the focus on the type of individual Molly Bloom was at the forefront, since in some instances she would add her opinion about various people.  At no time did the story stray from its main plot line, and even though the movie included a variety of different characters, the writer and director did not meander away from Molly Bloom being the focus of the movie.  

Molly’s Game Movie - Cons

During the movie, Molly Bloom shared a reason she was intent on becoming a success at what she was doing.  It appears that her highly renowned and well-known athletic siblings may have been the impetus for her drive to succeed. However, instead of narrating this part of the movie, I think Molly's Game could have illustrated in more detail what happened, or incidents could have been shown to indicate she was overlooked by her father and others because of her siblings -- which in turn caused her to work harder not to become a failure.  Unfortunately, these events or happenings did not appear in Molly's Game.

Assessment of Molly’s Game Movie

I think the point of Molly’s Game was not to try to persuade anyone to take up what she got into -- but it was simply Molly Bloom sharing her experiences. Even though I am giving this movie a positive review, as a personal disclaimer, I do not condone gambling. Towards that end, in my opinion, Molly’s Story was well told, and even with the abundance of dialogue, the movie was not in any way boring or a drain to watch.  If not for the Molly's Game Movie con listed above, this movie would have received an even higher rating than I provided below.

Rating of Molly’s Game Movie

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate Molly’s Game 4 stars.

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