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Thank you for Your Service - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

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I planned to see this movie because I didn’t really know what it would be about.  I saw the previews and the scene that stood out to me was when the intake person asked the actor Miles Teller if there was something that he should be telling her. Since the look he gave her was puzzling, I wanted to see the movie to find out what he could possibly be hiding.   Check out my movie review to find out more.

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Title of the Movie - Thank You for Your Service

By the title, it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what this movie would be about.  Just about every war movie could use this same title, since the characters are performing actions they should be thanked for. However, I think the title was too generic.  A more accurate title out of many that would fit this movie could have been Trauma is War, Life after War, or something to that effect.

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Acting Abilities of the Characters

I believe the story that was the backbone of the movie was not demonstrated or told in a way to involve the audience or to make anyone curious about the characters. In fact, as soon as the movie ended, I quickly left my seat and headed out of the theater. There was nothing really enticing about the movie that would have propelled me to sit there longer.  To me, the characters did not stretch their acting ranges to show the despair, pain, suffering and utter helplessness that one must have felt in the situation they found themselves in.

In this movie, there was slight suspense, little action and very minor character development.  I knew that Miles Teller was the main character, but when he was in his scenes, I expected someone even bigger to step unto the screen.  Sadly, even though he was carrying the movie, he struck me as more of an extra -- instead of the main character.

Regarding suspense, there was a smidgen of it, but not much.  The writer held on to the big reveal until the end of the movie which involved exactly what happened in Iraq that contributed to these soldiers’ conditions. Towards that end, I think Miles Teller as well as the other character held back in showing what their characters were really going through. When you act, sometimes anger and despair can be seen in good actors’ facial expressions, rather than by violent actions. Sady, this was not shown in the movie.  

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War scenes in Thank You for Your Service

I expected more in depth war scenes or even more war action in Thank You For Your Service --  which did not happen.  To its credit, the movie was a reasonable length; however, I felt that actions may have been stretched to fill up the short movie timeframe.

 Dialogue Between the Characters

When the husband and wife had a conversation in front of the intake counselor, I felt this conversation in real life happened after they left the office. Maybe the set designer didn’t want to fix up another scene --  so the husband and wife were left talking to each other in front of the counselor.  It was awkward and seemed out of place that the counselor would be in their presence as they talked at length to each other, without her saying anything to either of them.

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Assessment of Thank You For Your Service

I expected a deeper examination of the main character which was not delivered.  I felt like the director-writer knew the movie lacked suspense, so he probably exaggerated scenes when it looked like the movie was slow-moving.  At the height of the suspense, one of the soldiers hid behind a car while being stalked by criminals. Whatever happened between hearing and seeing police sirens and watching him walk out from his hidden location was not shown.  There was a cutscene where the character who seemed to be in great danger before, simply walked back to his buddy’s waiting, parked truck.

There was also hyped up  drama when one of the soldiers now a civilian was called to quickly come to the hospital because of an emergency with his wife. There was no drama there either. In this movie, there seemed to be plenty of loose ends where expert movie making skills were not used to fill in the gaps.  Some of the gaps were as mentioned earlier -- what happened in the dark area before the police drove by and the soldier was being stalked; what happened to the injured dog when the wife said it could not be kept there because of the children and most importantly, what happened to the main character, Miles Teller regarding his needed treatment when he gave up his seat for his buddy. Even the narrative at the end of the movie was abbreviated and did not answer these questions fully. The good news was I found out the reason behind Miles Teller’s mysterious look that I saw during the previews; however,  the bad part was I had to sit through the whole movie to find out.

Rating of Thank You For Your Service

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars -- I rate the true stories of veterans 5 stars -- however I rate this particular movie I saw -- 2 stars.

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