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Thor Ragnarok - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction:  Marvel Studios continue to deliver quality superhero movies as well as villain entertainment complete with cameo appearances of Stan Lee.  When I left the movie theater,  I was smiling as I thought about the movie.  Why? Because this movie has action, adventure, suspense, comedy and most of all provided an entertaining experience that could rival other like movies.  As a caution, there are spoilers here so if you have not seen the movie, I recommend you do so before checking out my review of Thor Ragnarok.thor ragnarok trailer. Digital Fox Media e1491974571844

Action in Thor Ragnarok

When you watch Thor Ragnarok, you will not have to wait long before action sequences envelop the screen. There are lots of fast moving action scenes where the heroes and villains travel to multiple  transportation points with flashes of light and other CGI effects to make it seem as if you are going along for the ride as well.  The interesting aspect of Thor Ragnarok movie is, even though there are lots of CGI effects, they are shown in such a way that Marvel Studios make them actually look real.   Whether it's the fight scenes, exchange of enemy fire or other actions -- this movie had plenty of moving parts.   Just when you think you’ve seen every action that could be thought of, Marvel Studios delivers even more. For example, how about seeing The Incredible Hulk scrapped circular along a fighting arena’s wall when fighting against Thor. Don’t worry, the Hulk survived just fine.  If you want to see a movie with lots of action, chases, explosions, high leaps, deep drops, etc. Thor Ragnarok is a must-see movie for you.thor ragnarok valkyrie costume changes 1019077

Special Marvel Guests in Thor Ragnarok

Spoiler Alert:  If you like to be surprised as I was to see various action heroes and characters in the Thor Ragnarok movie, then read no further.  However, If you are curious as to who makes special, impressive appearances in Thor Ragnarok, the list reads like a Who’s Who in Marvel Comics.  To name a few, there is of course, the star of the movie, Thor and his beloved hammer.  (More about his hammer later). Next you will enjoy the appearance of Dr. Strange early on in the movie,followed in no particular order by the infamous Loki, Bruce Banner, The Incredible Hulk, Hela, and a slew of other special Marvel hero guests -- each having a major role to move the story along.  By the way, highly regarded actors such as Idris Elba and Scarlett Johansson were in this movie as well.  You may have to squinch to make out that the man who wears dreads and colored contact lens is  award winning actor Idris Elba -- who was the leader of a large group of people trying to escape the wrath of the villain Hela and her allies.Thor Ragnarok Concept Art Cate Blanchett Hela

Stand Out Special Guest in Thor Ragnarok - Hela

I’m discussing this character’s role in Thor Ragnarok separately due to the impact she had on the overall movie.  The character I'm referring to is actress Cate Blanchett who played the role of Hela, Odin’s not so friendly daughter that I mentioned previously.   She is one of the characters who really made or will make this movie the box office success it is destined to be.  Not only was she a force to be reckoned with, but she put on an impressive performance as well throughout the movie.  If there were Oscars for the best villain in a movie, her acting chops, complete with her transformation into the evil Hela would easily win.  She had no mercy when it came to delving out punishments so severe that even Thor himself admits that he is no match for her.  But wait -- there is an ominous creature who could possibly defeat her.  You will have to see the movie to find out who.  Hopefully Hela was not destroyed completely and will be able to return in future movies because I think she made quite an impression in the Thor Ragnarok movie.thor in action

Comic Relief in Thor Ragnarok

If you like to enjoy a few laughs, sometimes on behalf of the characters and sometimes because of their humorous situations, then you must see Thor Ragnarok.  This movie was sometimes comical to me  because even though for the most part Thor and some of the others are gods with all sorts of superpowers, strengths and abilities, they are still prone to sometimes brag about themselves, even “showing off” -- only to be caught in an embarrassing situation that will cause you to laugh out loud. Interesting enough, Thor ended up being the most boastful of all -- sometimes deserved -- sometimes not.

There is a specific character that added to the laugh factor and I must say he did a good job as well.  He is the character who is composed of all rock who seems to be the one-man welcoming committee for Thor when he is pushed into a cave-like environment with strange looking creatures.  This character's  lines will probably crack you up with laughter as he seems to be treating Thor as just one of the boys inviting him to join the rest of the temporarily encaged populance.thor 1280 1489091211304 1280w

Synopsis of Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok had a clear mission in this movie, even though at every turn, he was sometimes captured and had to work hard to keep going. The elaborate movie sequences with the dramatic scenery were not just for show.  There was meaning behind each of the locations he visited or was pushed into.  I liked that even though there were numerous action scenes -- some dealing with fiery monsters or ferocious beasts -- each diversion brought  him closer to his mission.Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie in Thor Ragnarok

Similarities to other Action Film - Wonder Woman

Since I’ve seen the Wonder Woman movie numerous times, some of the scenes in Thor Ragnarok reminded me of how they were handled in her movie.  For example, in Wonder Woman, towards the end of the movie, she was trapped in a metal tube which at first prevented her from getting out to fight the enemy.  Well, in Thor Ragnarok, he is placed in a similar type encasement, even though the metal was chains instead of a hollow metal tube.  Also, there was the usual stop action motion in the film where mythical characters were shown revolving around -- which reminded me of the opening scenes of Wonder Woman where this occurred.  The other similarity to the Wonder Woman movie I found was the high point of the ending -- when she suddenly got her strength back and she flew above her enemy before she plunged down, empowered with electricity to attack him.  Spoiler Alert:  A similar situation happened in Thor when he was raised high above the enemy and plunged down to attack the enemy with his eyes and body filled with electricity as ammunition. I guess it’s true that the best form of flattery is imitation.03.38c0d522Assessment of Thor Ragnarok

Without a doubt,  Thor Ragnarok is a movie well-worth seeing.  I saw the 3D version of the movie; however, Thor Ragnarok is shown in standard format as well.  There was not a dull, slow moment in Thor Ragnarok except maybe the exchange between Odin and Thor -- but for the most part, this movie is fast moving and will keep you on the edge of your seat. There were a few loose ends that do not negatively impact the movie. Spoiler Alert:  For example, when Hela destroyed Thor’s hammer, the movie does not show when he gets his beloved hammer back.  In fact, he was told by Odin that his power was not in the hammer.  Also, you probably already know that Thor gets a haircut in this movie however, I’m still not sure why he has those red marks on his face, unless it’s battle paint. Additionally, I was not a fan of the intellectual challenged light they cast on The Incredible Hulk, including his speech patterns. Other than that, I found the Thor Ragnarok movie to be entertaining and I highly recommend it.

 Rating of Thor Ragnarok

 Based on a score of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate Thor Ragnarok 5 stars.

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