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The Mountain Between Us - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction to The Mountain Between Us - A Ms. H Movie Review

Instead of sand, surf and sun, some movies are using the harsh cold, snowy landscape as an environmental backdrop.  This is the case for the movie The Mountain Between Us.  After seeing several coming attractions of The Mountain Between Us in the movie theaters, I decided it may be worth my time to see how the main characters played by Idris Elba and Kate Winslet got out of their predicament.  Would you be satisfied with the outcome of this movie?  Check out my movie review of The Mountain Between Us and find out.

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Premise of The Mountain Between Us

This movie is about two strangers who are going to the same or close to the same location; however, all of the outgoing commercial flights are booked.  Kate Winslet approaches the stranger (Idris Elba) and offers to help him by charting a private plane.  Ok...let’s stop right here.  I know this is a movie, but movies should sometimes try to reflect real life.  Personally, I do not see this happening.  In all likelihood, Kate Winslet would have chartered the plane on her own, without having a partner, unless she was strapped for money and needed help paying for the plane.  However, this was not evident in the movie.  Out of the clear, blue sky, for some reason Kate Winslet decided to share a chartered plane with a stranger, I guess out of the goodness of her heart.


Realism of The Mountain Between Us

In addition to the scenario I described previously as to how Kate Winslet and Idris Elba met, there were numerous other scenes in the movie that may give you pause.  For example, there is a scene where a wild cat or tiger enters the downed plane while injured Kate Winslet is helpless with Idris Elba nowhere to be found.  No worries.  All she had to do was to use a flare weapon to completely destroy the wild cat or tiger. Interesting enough,  for some reason the wild cat allowed the pet dog to survive with just an injured ear. Go figure.  By the way, this scene would have been more frightening if the altercation with the wild cat or tiger took place at night instead of during the day.

Other unrealistic scenes in the movie involve Kate Winslet gaining superhuman strength when Idris Elba becomes caught in a bear trap. Previously, she was so weak, she was being dragged on a makeshift rolling cot.  Again no worries.  All she had to do was to quickly get her strength back,  run down the mountain and miraculously meet a truck driver and ask for help.

The problem with The Mountain Between Us movie was everything happened so conveniently, that probably would not happen in real life.  I also marveled at the fact that Idris Elba was in a plane crash and did not have a scratch, not even a small bruise from the crash. Additionally, I wonder where did he get his wide array of clothing since they were stranded with no stores around.

There were several other unrealistic scenes in the movie as well.  For instance, after three or more weeks of not having a regular meal, it would seem to me that I would see some hint of weight loss in at least one of the characters.  However, just like magic, they stayed the same weight throughout the whole movie from beginning to end.

idris elba and kate winslet THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US

Misleading Trailer of The Mountain Between Us

When I watched the coming attraction of The Mountain Between Us, there was a scene where Kate Winslet slips on shallow ice and falls beneath the surface.  The scene that was shown in the trailer shows Idris Elba screaming her name loudly while the movie screen pans out to show the great expanse of snow before him. When I saw this scene, I wondered how he would locate her since there was so much snow-covered land around him.  Again, no worries.  Spoiler Alert:  If you see this movie, you will realize that he knows exactly where she was because a few minutes prior, they were sitting together on a log near where she fell.  So when she fell in the icy water, Idris Elba knew where to find her.  I call this a bait and switch coming attraction shown to draw people in to see a scene that really did not happen as shown in the trailer.

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Other Missed Opportunities for The Mountain Between Us

There were plenty of missed opportunities for the director to make this movie into one worthy of an oscar nod; instead The Mountain Between Us seemed like a Lifetime movie.  The writer and director could have exploited the fact that they were out on the snowy mountain alone, with noone knowing their whereabouts. Instead, what happened was conveniently, they found cozy cave out of nowhere, then a small cabin, then as I mentioned earlier, Kate Winslet conveniently met the truck driver. In other words, the writer and director could have had something very dramatic happen in the movie to give it more depth.

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Assessment of The Mountain Between Us

In my opinion, there was nothing in the movie that stood out to me.  The story in a nutshell is they got a chartered private flight, the plane crashed, Kate Winslet, Idris Elba and the dog survived, they found shelter and eventually found someone to help them out.  That was the whole movie.  I recommend the writer take a look at the movie The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio and take some pointers to find out how to make The Mountain Between Us worthy to spend your hard-earned money to see. In short, I was not a fan of The Mountain Between Us since there were many contrived events to ensure the movie ended well for the main characters.

Ranking of The Mountain Between Us

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rank The Mountain Between Us 1 ¾ stars.

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