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American Made: A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction:  In the R rated movie American Made, actor Tom Cruise demonstrates that sometimes less is more.  American Made is a small movie that does not have a lot of explosions, car chases, or even airplane flying antics -- but surprisingly, it was not a fail.  Here's  why Tom Cruise was in his element when he starred in the movie American Made.

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Movie Trailer for American Made

If you watch the American Made movie, it may not have made an impact upon you one way or the other regarding whether it was good or bad. Before seeing American Made, I thought it was just a down-home type of human interest story and that Tom Cruise was taking a break from the high action movies he is becoming known for. However, don’t let the lack-luster movie trailer fool you.  American Made was a movie that gave Tom Cruise an avenue to show that he still can make an impression when to comes to making low action movies.

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Top Gun Movie Vibes in American Made

If you saw Top Gun, you may think of this movie when you see Tom Cruise flying planes -- even though his mission is not heroic in the least.  It was all about a way to make a buck albeit, illegally at first. However, when you see the movie American Made, you may still think of the Top Gun Tom Cruise piloting his plane and walking away from his plane cradling his helmet under his arm.

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Acting Abilities Displayed in American Made

Tom Cruise has a low-key acting type role in American Made; however, surprisingly, it actuallly worked for him. He was portraying a real-life person who performed shady as well as a few admirable actions in the movie.  Of course, what he was doing was highly illegal at first, however, he played this character in such as way that the movie audience got to know more about this person and his dealings. In addition to the serious acting involved, there were several humorous parts in American Made that brought light periodic laughter from the movie audience.  Overall, the acting in this movie was not spectacular, but it was adequate for what the movie was about.

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Assessment of American Made

One may think that American Made was like a working vacation for Tom Cruise.  Unlike his Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher and other action-adventure packed movie series, he could take it easy so to speak in this role.  After seeing the disappointing movie The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, I think it was smart for him to follow this movie closely with American Made.  Even with all the CGI and special effects in The Mummy, I think American Made left a bigger impression with the movie audience.

Rating of American Made

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate American Made 3 stars.

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