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Mother!: A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

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Introduction:  Some horror movies can be grossly horrific; while some can be mildly horrific. Before I saw this movie, I thought Mother! would be more of the latter -- similar to the movie, Get Out that I saw awhile back. Read on to find out what type horror movie Mother! is and if I recommend it for you. 

Mother Movie Review 2017 Jennifer Lawrence

Definitely a Horror Movie - Mother!

Clearly Mother! has the elements of a horror movie, especially toward the end when everything went helter-skelter.  At the beginning of Mother!, there was not an inkling of the horror this movie entailed.  The movie is seemingly about a couple where the wife is preoccupied with renovating the house while the husband is a frustrated writer who for some reason has a bad case of writer's block.  Even the entry of a few visitors to the house they shared could not prepare the movie audience for the horror events that were to come.

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Acting Abilities of Actors in Mother!

The movie starred Jennifer Lawrence who played the mother and Javier Barhem who played the role of her husband.  It is not surprising to me that Jennifer Lawrence has won a host of awards for her acting.  She is an accomplished actor who, in my opinion, due to her acting range, do not have to worry about being type-casted. I think she did an excellent job of portraying the mother character in this movie.  There were plenty of memorable scenes showcasing Jennifer Lawrence's acting talent; however, one of my favorites was near the end of the movie when she was cradling or more specifically, protecting the baby while her husband begged her to let him hold him.

On the other hand Javier Barhem did a passable performance as the husband while Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer adequately played their parts as well.  However, without question, Jennifer Lawrence's performance stood out for me.

Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence at the Start of mother

Agenda of the Writer of Mother!

After seeing Mother!, I wondered about the agenda or reason for this movie.  Did the writer have a hidden agenda and if so, what was it?  If you watch Mother!, you may think the writer is against the papparazzi, large crowds of people, or he was trying to get across some other type message.  Or maybe this movie was simply made to entertain in some way?  Your guess is as good as mine, especially when you find out how Mother! ended.


Strange Ending of Mother!

Without spoiling the movie, I thought it was sort of creative how an object that looked like a gem of some type that the husband cherished ended up being the catalyst that pulled all the parts of the movie together. It is towards the end of the movie when you find out just how significant this item is to his existence. Additionally at the end of the movie, you may be puzzled to find out why the mother would offer this item to her husband, especially when you see what happened to the baby.  Actually, in her state at the end of the movie, he could have probably just taken this item away from her. However, that being said, this is a grossly horror movie after all and the author had to find some way to explain how he received this item.  Again, I think she would not have given this item to him in real life, especially after what he allowed to be done to the baby.

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Assessment of Mother!

I think Mother! was categorized correctly as a horror film. If I had known how the movie ended, I would not have gone to see it. Personally, I could handle seeing the gigantic crowds that pounced upon the house, but there is an image in the movie that is atrocious at best, and is the reason I prefer not to watch these type horror movies. In fact, compared to Mother! -- the horror movie Get Out was a "walk in the park."  I cannot recommend this movie in good faith because of the gruesome atrocity that happened in Mother! However, if you want to check out this movie for yourself, of course it's totally up to you.

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Rating of Mother!

Based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate Mother! 1 1/2 stars, with the 1/2 star added for the outstanding acting performance of Jennifer Lawrence.  


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