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Awesome Con 2017 Was Awesome!

Written by RealMsH


It was the best of times; it was the greatest of times.  How’s that for an introduction to Awesome Con 2017?  Regardless of what may have transpired before you attended Awesome Con 2017, once you get in the vicinity of this fantastic convention, you can’t help but start smiling..and I mean smiling from ear to ear! If you ask me why, the answer would be due to a wide variety and combination of reasons -- the major one being that everyone was in the mood to have a fun day or days, depending if you attended one or all three days of the convention.

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For starters, Awesome Con was held over three days, June 15 - 18, 2017, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. From my perview, the convention seemed to take up the whole convention locale.  You could attend either one day or all three days if you liked.  Everyone wore badges to identify how long and what day they are attending Awesome Con, or other special designations such as staff members.  For example, I noticed some badges were labeled Sunday Only, meaning the person was attending Awesome Con 2017 on Sunday, June 18, 2017.  However, I’ve getting ahead of myself. Check out some of the highlights of Awesome Con below.  Who knows? One day you may decide to join in the fun--that is, if you haven’t already.

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Highlights of Awesome Con 2017

In addition to the fun events, special guests, and of course the items up for sale or display in the huge exhibit halls at the Washington Convention Center, there were lots of cosplayers in attendance.  In fact, I would venture to say that on Sunday when things would probably die down just a little -- instead more cosplaying was going on.  In fact, when I attended on Sunday, I would have thought the day was Saturday, due to the large turnout of people, inside and outside of the venue.

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It seems like every year I notice something in the exhibit hall that is unique and different as well as eye catching and conversation starters.  This year in the realm of not disappointing the attendees at Awesome Con 2017, there were lots of different items that were being sold and displayed. For example, there was a gigantic dragon that replicated the movie’s My Dragon and Me.  As if having this dragon on display was not quite enough to pique your interest, just outside of where the dragon was being shown was lots of pictures that gave you a blow by blow account of what went into constructing the dragon, including how many months it took to get to the finished impressive model. When I walked past this dragon display, some attendees opted to have their picture taken standing beside the dragon.

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I can attest to the fact that every Awesome Con have some similarities; but they also have uniqueness and something different to see everywhere you looked on the convention floor.  Items were available if you were a kid or a kid at heart.

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Unique items at Awesome Con 2017

There were so many interesting, unique items at Awesome Con 2017, I would run out of space in trying to talk about them all.  However, what stood out for me in the area of uniqueness was the really long line of people, who were waiting to see Stan Lees’ personal collection or exhibit of drawings.  When I saw the long line, I thought sure there was someone famous in the tent that was flanked by a security guard.  But this was not the case. If you are a fan and wanted to meet Stan Lee -- he was actually at Awesome Con on Saturday -- however limited attendees could see him.

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In addition to the regular items like comic books, graphic novels, artists, etc. there was an appartaus that I did not get close to that looked like a combination baby trainer and a robot.  I declined to find out more about this item -- lol.  Other unique items included a free style tiny writing circular bar that you could use to make abstract painting without really knowing what you were drawing. The reason for this is the round ball apparently filled with paint, would glide over the white paper, making an abstract design -- all on its own. If you like jewelry, there were various jewelry displays as well.  The one that caught my attention was the pocket watches, some of which had a picture or symbol of a superhero on the cover.

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Cosplays Galore

As I alluded to previously, there was an abundance of cosplayers at Awesomecon 2017, ranging from Wonder Woman to Darth Vader, and other cosplayers in between. In the exhibit hall there was a major celebrity cosplayer who not only cosplays, but she also teaches as well as designs her own costume.  Her name is YaYa Han who always seem to have a crowd around her table. In fact, just about all of the tables and exhibits had their share of shoppers, lookers, or just people hanging around the areas having a fun time. Of the cosplayers pictures I took, and there were many, I think one of my personal favorites was the Star Wars Princess Leia and the little girl cosplayer from the Logan movie.  Of course, there was plenty of other impressive cosplayers as well.

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Courteous Cosplayers

As I mentioned earlier, I started taking pictures of cosplayers before I entered Awesome Con 2017.  What I liked was each time, without hesitation, they consented to having their picture taken.  Suffice it to say, I asked very politiely if I could take their picture, and I would say 100% of the time I received an answer in the affirmative.

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 Cosplayers would even take their time to do a signature pose before their picture was taken.

 Artists Row

I noticed this year there was a designation on the exhibit floor for artists called Artists Row where  talented folks could show their works.  There were artists there who did double-duty as a writer also.  Now that is what I call talent! Just as in previous years, some artists elected to draw free-hand while they touted their wares. There was a wide array of drawings that drew the interest of kids to grown-ups alike.

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Gaming sections

The gaming areas were located in the same location as last year.  I have to echo my impressions of this area from last year when i say card gaming continue to be more popular than the arcades and video gaming. I base my opinion on the fact that when i arrived at the video gaming area on Sunday at closing (around 5:00 p.m.), I noticed gaming systems and other apparatus in the video game room had already been taken apart, while just across the hall, the card gaming area was still relatively full, even though some people were in the process of taking down their displays, etc.

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Any recommendations?

Awesome Con is awesome because of the obvious skilled organization expertise used  in putting such a venue of this size together.  Of all the positives, I would like to offer two recommendations for future Awesome Con.  Before I say what they are, these comments do not in any way change my mind that Awesome Con in D.C. is always the place to be to have an amazing, fun time.  Now to the recommendation.

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Prior to getting my press badge, I must have walked a mile or more trying to find the correct entry to go into. Believe it or not, I went through a door with a big “Exit Sign” posted. Once inside, I had to navigate my way further to where the press badge areas were.  Many times, I thought I was going in the right direction but I wasn’t; In fact, I asked someone directions and they told me to go in the opposite direction. However, once I arrived at the area, I was happy to see that being the organized venue it was, there were no problems in getting my  press badge.  In a nutshell, my recommendation to the Awesome Con executives is to make it easier to find the correct room to get badges.  All in all, after spending an exorbintat amount of time trying to locate the room, once I located the right room -- I felt like I had made a major accomplishment!

 IMG 5824

Regarding big name talent, this year, unfortunately, I do not think there were any except for Stan Lee.  I recommend that Awesome Con get may some Star Trek or other well known science fiction actors and even directors to be guests. Awesome Con should simply book more famous television or movie personalities to Awesome Con.

 The Positives of Awesome Con 2017

To put it simply -- there were many positives at Awesome Con 2017.  In addition to the events described above, there were lots of demonstrations as talented people shared their crafts.  Awesome Con 2017 appeals to everyone, including kids and adults as well.  There were a special kids sections interspersed at the convention including a Nicklelodeo section and a kids comic book section, as well as many others.  To really experience Awesome Con, ideally one would attend all three days of the convention and enjoy the fun and take in the sights of the cosplayers.  However, if you are not able to attend all three days, the time spent at Awesome Con 2017 can be labeled quality time, because even though you may not get to see everything this conventin offers, what you do see will make up for it by the high standards of products and services. Regarding finding your way around the convention -- once you find where you are going, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease the process is done, whether it is just picking up your badge, inquiring about directions, etc.

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Want to have maybe the most fun you have ever experienced  before?  Then go to next year's  Awesome Con 2018.  Awesome Con 2017 as a must attend event which is desitned to deliver even more fun and excitement.  Don't miss it!


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