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The Mummy - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

Introduction to The Mummy - A Ms. H Movie Review

I think that most of us would agree that Tom Cruise put out plenty of good movies.  When I say good movies, I mean those that are worth your money and time to sit in a theater when there are millions of other things you could be doing instead.  Some of Tom Cruise greats include the Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher franchises and others.  By the way, don't let the exciting-looking movie trailer fool you. I was sorely disappointed when The Mummy failed in just about every aspect that makes a movie enjoyable to watch; namely, plot, actions, storyline, believability, etc.tom cruise 04062016 620x413

The Plot of The Mummy

If you concentrate hard enough when watching the Mummy, you will come to the conclusion that Tom Cruise and his friend are in the habit of robbing precious stones, etc. from very old resting this case the location is in Iraq.  However, if you keep watching the movie, you will find the plot shifts to this ancient mummy as well as all of her zombies that Tom Cruise unwittingly brought back to life.  What I didn’t like about the plot was I felt like it was recycling, over and over again.  For example, there were repeat scenes of Tom Cruise visualizing the female mummy destroying him.  But no worries.  It looks like anyone who was fatally destroyed, including a drowning female co-star, all eventually came back to life.  Spoiler Alert:  Even the strange character of Dr. Heckyll was revived in the ending.  Go figure.  Before long while watching The Mummy, when anyone was destroyed in the movie, I expected them to reappear again, unscathed.


The Monsters in The Mummy

Have you ever been in or seen a cookie factory?  Well take that picture in your mind and replace cookies with monsters.  It amazed me that no matter how many monsters were chasing Tom Cruise, he always ultimately escaped. When he was turned into one of these monsters, it was only  a short while before he became himself again -- even though he was in the shadows not showing his face at one time during the movie.  Spoiler Alert:  At the end of the movie, he and his buddy are back to robbing tombstones, looking pretty much like they did when the movie first started. This was regardless of the fact they both had been destroyed during actions in the movie.

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Treatment of Women in The Mummy

I have to speak out against several scenes where women were presented inappropriately in the movie.  The first was how they depicted a female on her knees with her arms held back with chains around her neck as well.  Hopefully this was some type of cgi, because if it was real, I believe it would be painful for someone to be in this posture for even a few minutes.  Plus it looked inhumane to have someone, much less a woman, chained up like this.  Additionally, I was not a fan of the underwater scene when the female costar emerged from the water drenched from head to toe. I guess they were going for the “wet-t-shirt look.”  Also, Tom Cruise’s character kept saving the woman as if she was incapable of doing anything on her own.  Even when he found out she was a part of this monster factory, he continued to save her. There was one unexplained scene where he appeared to be leaving her while driving a truck; however, of course, she made it into the truck eventually.

tom cruise spotted on the mummy set with annabelle wallis 28

Highlights in The Mummy

Unfortunately, the highlights in The Mummy are few and far between.  One scene that left a negative impression with me was the female monster walking through the streets with clouds of smoke and buildings falling down all around her as she moved.  This scene reminded me of the real-life tragedy of 9/11. I’m sure this is not the effect the director was going for but to me, the scene was unnerving, to say the least.  As mentioned earlier, I liked the scene showing Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis running away from the smoke, that is if they were actually running.  

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Assessment of The Mummy

There are both negatives and positives about this movie; however, unfortunately, the negatives outweigh the positives.   The negatives included this movie having the amateurish look of a horror B movie; the obsession of the director with showing how grotesque he could make eyes look in this movie; lots of jump scares that were really not scary, the repeating actions in the movie, and overall a poor story.  The positive was I liked the scene showing Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis running beside each other.  Other than that, The Mummy is nothing to write home about and is truly forgettable.

Annabelle Wallis

Rating of The Mummy

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate The Mummy 1 ½ stars.

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