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Wonder Woman - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

Introduction to Wonder Woman - A Ms. H Movie Review

Did you know that of all the superheroes, Wonder Woman is one of the few who have not had the honor to have her own full-length film in the movie theaters?  There are comic books, graphic novels, classic television shows, DVDs of the television shows, etc. -- but no feature film.  I as well as many of you probably wondered (pun intended) if Wonder Woman would ever get a movie.  Would she aways be pushed in the background, destined to be in the shadows of other superheroes with their signature blockbuster movies, and never have a movie of her own?  Well, the wait for the Wonder Woman movie was long, but I’m happy to say the wait was well worth it.  Find out why and more from my movie review of Wonder Woman.

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Opening Night of Wonder Woman Movie

I had the good fortune to see the Wonder Woman movie's first showing on premiere night, June 1st.  The lobby of the movie theater reminded me of a fun party as two Wonder Woman cosplayers greeted everyone as they entered while a larger than life size lego Wonder Woman statue stood in the background. I took pictures with both Wonder Women, as well as the Superman cosplayer who was there as well.  I had an inkling this movie was going to be exciting, since I was already having a good time before I even entered the movie showing.  I must say, Wonder Woman did not disappoint in no way, shape or form.  To put it simply, the Wonder Woman movie was purely epic.

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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

When I saw Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the Batman v. Superman movie, she did not really stand out to me.  Maybe this was because she had such a small part in the movie.  I shrugged when I saw her on the screen in the Batman v. Superman movie and was thinking that they may even replace her with someone else.  Clearly, she did not make an impression with me at that time.  However -- almost a year later -- what a difference a self-titled movie makes.

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Now as I recall Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in her leading role in her very own movie, I must say it is difficult for me to imagine anyone else playing the part of Wonder Woman.  As you probably know, Gal Gadot is from Israel where it is required for all to participate in the army, both males and females. This could be the reason she looked so natural and capable as she wielded her sword and singlehandedly took on the enemies.  However, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s talk about the title of the movie.


Wonder Woman – The Movie Title

With all the creative and talented people joining together to make this movie a reality, I am overjoyed they kept the title of Wonder Woman.  Of the many superheroes, male and female, I don’t think there is one known and admired as far and wide as Wonder Woman.  In keeping with her notoriety, it was not surprising to me, the name of her movie was kept short and sweet and was simply called Wonder Woman.  As the saying goes, sometimes less is more.

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Storyline of Wonder Woman Movie

There are probably many fact-checkers who examined the Wonder Woman movie from the beginning to the end. Maybe they were attempting to see if the Wonder Woman movie stayed true to her origin, if new elements of her adventures were added, or some other factual details.  I would like to say there is no need for any scrutiny regarding Diana Prince, known as Wonder Woman, as well as her story.  As an avid fan of Wonder Woman, when I watched the Wonder Woman movie (multiple times on different days) I must say I enjoyed the overall experience of being in the midst of a film that I knew was not only good, but would go on to break records. And break records it did!

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Action Scenes in Wonder Woman Movie

The action scenes in Wonder Woman were my favorite, even though other parts of the movie were interesting as well.  I liked that some of her action moves were similar to those of the classic Wonder Woman television series, where she tended to strongly push the enemy away rather than throw punches.  On the other hand, I liked the way the director had Wonder Woman as well as the other Amazons do jumps,  back flips and kicks during the fighting scenes.  In my opinion, the fighting scenes were very well done including the stop motion actions, which I’m normally a critic of.  My only criticism is I wish there were more of them!

fullsizeoutput 9f3Hopefully by now you have seen the Wonder Woman movie so I will not spoil it for you when i say that my all time favorite action scene was when she went out in front of the men on the battlefield, being overtly brave and determined as she protected herself and others from enemy fire with one leg bent and the other stretched out behind her as she used the shield to deflect the barrage of bullets.  I think this was a good strategy move in the Wonder Woman movie, because when all the attention was directed to her, the men seized the opportunity to go forward in what used to be called “No Man’s Land” -- that is before Wonder Woman made her presence known.  Even though this was one of my favorite action scenes, there were many others where I had to audibly say out loud to myself …”I like this.”...”I like this.”  Don’t worry, I only said this out loud  twice so I am completely sane. lol. By the way, I didn’t voice that I liked the action scenes the other times I saw the movie, because I had already seen them -- but these scenes were still mind boggling.

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Wonder Woman’s Sidekick

I am using the word “sidekick” to describe the role of Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman movie, played by the Star Trek actor, Chris Pine.  The reason for this is at times, I was getting just a little agitated as to how much screen time he was getting on Wonder Woman’s movie.  Chris Pine did a good job playing the part of Steve Trevor, but to his discredit, I think he thought he was Wonder Woman’s keeper as in “Am I not my brother’s keeper”  regarding how he kept telling her to stay back, or cautioned her not to perform some of her heroic actions.  In fact, during one of the scenes Wonder Woman told him she did not need his permission to perform certain actions.  The battle comrades reiterated to Steve Trevor how capable Wonder Woman had fought previously which inferred that his advice for her to stay back was not needed.  Spoiler Alert: However, because of actions that transpired in the movie regarding Steve Trevor, I am now ok with his screen time in the movie.  If there are sequels to Wonder Woman, the director needs to go light on having other characters telling Wonder Woman what she can and cannot do -- because clearly, she can do it all.

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Assessment of Wonder Woman Movie

Prior to this review, I tried not to read or listen to what others were saying about Wonder Woman.  However, some slipped through including excellent reviews.  These reviews of the Wonder Woman movie did not sway me one way or the other. I came to the conclusion this was going to be one of my favorite movies from the time the movie started until it ended. By the way, I saw the movie twice in the same week in 3D -- Wonder Woman was just that good.  A negative I saw was that sometimes she did not display traits of the mighty Wonder Woman  when she was Diana Prince. Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman seemed less sure of herself, asking a lot of questions, etc.  But that could have been because this new world was really different from her own, which was on the beautiful paradise island of Amazons. That being said, the Wonder Woman movie had an exciting plot and storyline along with the well-orchestrated action scenes -- which is why I am going to give the movie a high rating. 

Rating of Wonder Woman Movie

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate the Wonder Woman movie 5 stars.

Ms. H discusses why Wonder Woman should have her own movie here:




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I rate this movie with 1 star. :-|
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great review!

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