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Interstellar - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

Disclaimer:  This movie review is mine alone and does not reflect the view of AllGames.

 Introduction to Interstellar - A Ms. H Movie Review

I was prepared to enjoy an interesting space-based movie and this is what I get?  As you can tell, I was not impressed by the super-long meandering space story of Interstellar.  I found this movie to be unrealistic, overacted and just a plain waste of my time.  However, to strike a positive note,  I will counter and say that everything is not bad about this movie.  There is a slight element of suspense and a burst of space action as well.  By the way, I saw the movie on free Amazon prime and not in the movie theater.

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Length of Interstellar

To describe Interstellar as a long movie is an understatement. Unfortunately, Intersellar was not a movie that I wanted to go on and on, similar to some movies I’ve seen in the past.  Plenty of scenes could have been omitted to shorten this movie.  For example, before Matthew McConaughey's character made this space trip, he had a parent-teacher conference about his children.  Nothing really happened as a result of this meeting, so this could have been left out. I think the audience knows that he comes from a farming family; however, eventually his daughter worked in the space industry.  Therefore, I did not see a point in this scene. Additionally, the overall way the movie is told as a flashback could have been eliminated and the movie could have moved forward with the gist of the story which was establishing a colony on another planet.

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How the Space Travel Started in Interstellar

Maybe the writer/director was trying to correct mistakes and inconsistencies in this movie as the scenes went along.  Among the many questionable acts was Matthew McConaughey trying to break into a space facility towards the beginning of the movie.   Looks like the writer or director was unsure if this action should be met with positive or negative actions.  Since this was uncertain, initially, he was treated as an intruding criminal who eventually was touted as the only person who could make this particular space trip.

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Unrealism of Interstellar

There are many scenes in Interstellar which try the imagination, but I will point out just a few.  The idea that someone can float in space and enter another time dimension that looks like rows and rows of book shelves was the clincher for me. There are reasons spacewalks are done for a limited time and I’m sure the human body, even though heavily suited could not survive just hanging out in space. But like magic, Matthew McConauhey's character did just that.

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It is unknown how Matthew McConaughey's character went from some sort of time dimension to a comfortable hospital bed on a space station.  Obviously the writer/director did not know either so the movie cut to this scene after he was seen watching events that happened previously through the “book shelves” while hanging out in space.  It’s strange to me that he actually saw himself and kept telling himself not to go out the door.  What would have happened if he had not walked out the door?  Would he still be in space or magically be back in the room talking to his daughter? Did I mention while on an icy mountain there is a fight, and one of the character’s actually flew up the icy mountain -- just like a superhero? This is what I call pushing the envelope. There were other unrealistic instances in the movie; however, suffice it to say that this movie really pushed the imagination out in left field on all fronts.

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Forced Ending

Looks like it wasn’t enough that Matthew McConauhey survived literally hanging out in a space, but once he reached the space station in a world that looked like earth, complete with baseball games, he was not satisfied.  He embarked on another space journey to save one of his space-mates, presumably who had settled on another planet or space station. The audience could have been left in suspense as to what happened to Anne Hathaway's character; however, the writer and director added more uneeded time to the movie with this scene.

 Assessment of Interstellar

After watching this movie, I got the impression Matthew McConaughey was  showing off his acting chops, regardless of how bad this movie was.  I think the movie had a redeeming factor in keeping the audience in the dark about whether or not he and the others were expected to come back.  For that reason, I will be giving Interstellar an additional 1/2 star rating for at least having an element of suspense in the movie.

 Rating of Interstellar

 Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Interstellar 1 ½ stars.


0 #1 dhopkins 2017-05-10 14:50
i didnt like this movie. the last draw for me was the fact tht this deep, intellectual story needed to be resolved with a fist fight.

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