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The Lost City of Z - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

Disclaimer:  This movie review is mine alone and does not represent the views of AllGames.

Introduction to The Lost City of Z - A Ms. H Movie Review

I found the Lost City of Z to be a different type movie from those I’ve been watching recently.  There were no high speed chases, explosions, twists and turns, etc.  It was simply a movie that seemed to be trying to deliver a message of a man’s seeminly life-long quest to reveal to the world the existence of a civilization located in the dense forest, established by native Americans.  From the start of the movie, I felt like I was not only going to enjoy the movie, but I would find out something I did not know before I entered the movie theater.  That being said, did this movie keep my interest?  Read on to find out.


Storyline of The Lost City of Z

I consider The Lost City of Z to be a docudrama because the story is based on a true story. Of course, some of the actions may have been dramatized for audience interest, but I do not think this took away from the story.  It is a period film, meaning the movie starts in the year 1905 and advances forward.  As I watched this movie played  with Col Percy Harrison Fawcett intent on finding this lost city, there was parts of the movie where I wanted to know what would happen next.  Even though the movie may be considered long -- 2 hours and 20 minutes, I think the length was adequate to tell the story of Col Fawcett, his family and his mission.  As you watch the story unfold, you may question if his overwhelming wish to find this place is for the people,  for his own enrichment and satisfaction or a combination of both.  You can decide for your see The Lost City of Z.

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Transitioning through Time

Regarding the movie advances through time as Col Fawcett made several attempts to locate the city, I was disappointed with how  the scenese transitioned from him and his crew being in the jungle, and then, all of a sudden, the scene changes to him being back on land either in a meeting or elsewhere.  I had to try to determine what just happened, because plenty of times, the scenes would change to a flashback or even a flash forward at the time something exciting seemed to be about to happen.  

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War TIme

The story is about Col Fawcett's search for a lost city; however during the course of the movie, a war happened.  I thought it was interesting that he is the leader of his squad both when seeking the  city of Z as well as when he returned to land where a war was happening.  It was ironic to me that he managed to be in this position -- so this may have been done to make the actions of the movie look more cohesive.

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Action and Suspense in The Lost City of Z

This movie had a fair share of action beginning with deer hunting as well as fights not only between the native Americans, but altercations within the group that Col Fawcett  led.  I think some of the suspense seemed a little forced, like the time when Col Fawcett  is on a boat and gives the impression that someone is following him -- which did not happen.  Spoiler Alert: However, the biggest suspense is what happend to Col Fawcett and now his son who went on the final voyage with him.  I think the film did a good job of not taking the audience too deep into what may have happened to them; however, it was sad to think that his wife and other children were left not sure exactly transpired.  

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Assessment of The Lost City of Z

I read the synopsis of the movie before I decided to see it.  A plus for me was I used my free movie credit on this movie, because I did not want to spend money on a movie that was not a good one.  However, after seeing the movie, I think the writer and director did an admirable job of getting the story out.  I purposely have not checked on what actually happened to Col Fawcett as well as his explorations yet but doing further research, but I certainly will after seeing this movie. To answer the question posed earlier -- Yes, The Lost City of Z did keep my interest and even though as mentioned earlier the movie is 2 hours and 21 minutes,  it did not seem like a long movie because of the events, actions and suspense that embodied The Lost City of Z.

Rating of The Lost City of Z

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate The Lost City of Z 3 ½ stars.

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