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Unforgettable - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

Disclaimer:  This movie review is mine alone and does not reflect the views of AllGames.

Introduction to Unforgettable - A Ms. H Movie Review

I’ve featured  the star of Unforgettable, Rosario Dawson as the celebrity video gamer on my March 15, 2015 episode of the Mom’s Minute Show which I host live on Mondays, 7:00 p.m. EST, 4:00 p.m. PST at  Therefore she was a familiar face when I saw her on the big screen even though she has appeared in a number of other movies as well.  Personally, I think it was admirable that she carried the whole movie, Unforgettable.  However, after checking out her bio which includes all of her movies, I should not have been surprised that she headlined Unforgettable.  By the way, Unforgettable is currently playing in movie theaters at print time.

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Plot of Unforgettable

I was hoping this movie would be different from the tried and true plot of the ex not wanting to move on after a marriage has clearly ended.  However, that was not the case for Unforgettable. The jilted ex was the basis for Unforgettable so there was nothing really new except the cast of characters.  If you plan to see this movie, get ready to sit through a lot of everyday type happenings before the “good parts” happen.  It looks to me the director wanted you to tolerate the mundane parts of the movie, before finally, something exciting happens. Additionally, the little girl's, who was in the middle of the fracas, script was not truthful when the grandmother, played by Cheryl Ladd asked how she liked the character Rosario Dawson played. The little girls  response was “She has brown hair.” This line should have been left out if a realistic response could not have been included.

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Acting Abilities of Characters in Unforgettable

When you watch Unforgettable, you can quickly determine who can and cannot act.  The actor who had a difficult time, in my opinion, of getting into his role was Geoff Stults who played the fiancee and later the husband of Rosario Dawson's character.   In my opinion, he needs to learn more about portraying emotions instead of acting with a stone face with a few frowns here and there.  The other two actresses, Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl almost tied for how well they performed, however, Rosario Dawson easily moved ahead of Katherine Heigl.   

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Maybe it was because Katherine Heigl was playing the part of an unemotional, robot-like character as the ex-wife.  By comparison, Rosario Dawson’s acting was leagues ahead of the others.  She has mastered the art of showing emotions in her face -- not just in her lines as well as other talents of being a good actor.  She did have the tendency to overact just a bit when she was being interrogated by the police detective with her overly sad face as well as in a few other scenes. However, overall, Rosario Dawson wins as the best actress -- even though this movie will not be slated for an Oscar.  Why not?  Because, unfortunately, it is not, in my opinion, an Oscar quality-type movie.


Rosario Dawson Is the Star of Unforgettable

To clear up any confusion about who is the star of Unforgettable, it is Rosario Dawson even though you might see Katherine Heigl showing up as the star.  The storyline was based upon Rosario Dawson's character, she was the main character and the actions evolved around her character; therefore she is the star of Unforgettable. I want to point out that even though Rosario Dawson stars in the movie, it is not her fault the movie was not better. For example, she cannot help that there was no chemistry between her and Geoff Stults throughout the movie. She cannot help that most of the scenes between her and Geoff Stults were like job interviews when he kept asking her questions.  It’s not her fault that while Geoff Stults’ character lay on the floor after a blow from Katherine Heigl that he appears to be smiling when he should have had no expression on his face or should have been frowning in pain. To sum it all up, Rosario Dawson performed her part in such a way that if the other actors had followed through, the movie would have been more enjoyable to watch, even with the hackneyed plot.

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Assessment of Unforgettable

The positives of this movie included having Rosario Dawson as the lead actor. Addiitonally there were a few jump scares in the movie. Spoiler Alert: Another positive was the twist in the end of the movie which I must admit I did not expect -- especially when I thought the movie had ended before this scene occurred.   The negatives included the over-used plot, the acting abilities of most of the actors as well as some of the unrealistic dialogue. I was going to resist the urge to make a pun out of the title -- but I will anyway.  Because of the poor showing of Unforgettable, the film could very well have been titled “Forgettable.”  That being said, I think a good job was done in crafting the Unforgettable trailer which made this movie seem more exciting than it is -- until you actually see it for yourself.


Rating of Unforgettable

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Unforgettable 2 stars.

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