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Dr. Strange - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

Disclaimer:  This movie review is mine alone and does not represent the views of AllGames.

Introduction to Dr. Strange - A Movie Review

It’s been awhile since Dr. Strange was at movie theaters; however, I would like to review the movie for you at this time.  In fact, Dr. Strange is currently on DVD, and available for purchase via by clicking on the Amazon link.  Regarding the overall movie, there were some aspects of  the Dr. Strange movie that I recall that stood out for me, which I will cover in my movie review.  Unfortunately, sometimes a movie gets popular because of the hype, and if I recall, Dr. Strange was not promoted to the extent, let's say, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was.  With that being said, here is my review of Dr. Strange.

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Special Effects in Dr. Strange

II'll start with what stood out for me when I saw Dr. Strange.  There were eons of special effects from the time the movie begin, until the movie ended.  Dr. Strange is based on a comic book and in comic books, artist's imagination can go wild and it looks like the movie form followed suit as well.  I remember the movie begin with dramatic actions that looked like huge walls of buildings were falling down, but falling in an odd way that looked unreal.  I think plenty of special effects were used when making the movie Dr. Strange, which I have no problem with, because after all this film was like superhero movie.

Rachel McAdams in Doctor Strange

The Training in Dr. Strange

I am reviewing Dr. Strange from my memory of seeing the movie in the movie theater almost a year ago. I recall that he went through extensive training and met a host of not only strange people, but strange looking people.  I was curious as to how he would finally get into full costume from the time the movie started, and I must say it was done in a creative way.  The only part I did not particularly like about his costume was the way the cape part of his costume appeared to be other words, the cape moved on its own.  I’m not familiar with Dr. Strange so it’s possible this is done also in the comic books as well.

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Assessment of Dr. Strange

If I was to compare Dr. Strange to other heroes, I would have to rate him a cut below the others.  This could be because personally, I have never watched Dr. Strange so this character was completely new to me.  The actor who played the part of Dr. Strange also played Agent Carter’s side kick on her television show when it was on the air; so I was familiar with him as an actor.  The other actress who played the nurse, Rachel McAdam - -I  had seen in other movies as well.  Looking back on the movie, I can only remember how he seemed to go to one dimension, then come out of it and the nurse seemed to be with him when this happened. Dr. Strange, to me, was not one of those movies that you remembered the plot, however, you may recall the costumes or the special effects of the movie instead.

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Rating of Dr. Strange

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Dr. Strange 2 stars.


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