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The Fate of the Furious - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

Disclaimer:  This review is mine alone and does not reflect the views of AllGames.

Introduction to The Fate of the Furious - A Ms. H Movie Review

If you have not seen the The Fate of the Furious movie, you may want to wait until after you see it before you read my movie review.  Reason being is I may leak a few details of the movie in my review that may spoil it for you.  With that being said, I was not anticipating seeing this movie since I’m not a Vin Diesel fan and it seems that he is the main actor in this movie with the others being co-stars.  I watched it to simply see what this movie was all about, especially with the name change and the word “Fate” used in the title instead of “Fast.”  Was there an underlying reason for changing the name?  Why not just call the movie The Fast and the Furious 8 since this is the eighth installment? As you’ve probably seen in the previews there are car races throughout the movie so the original name could have fit. Find out what I think of The Fate of the Furious here.

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Acting Ability of the Stars

Since this movie is in its eighth installment, it’s logical to think the acting of the stars improved over time.  Some were accomplished actors prior to the movie.  For example Charlize Theron won an Oscar for her depiction of the main character in the docudrama called Monster.  The other actors did ok in their roles. Tyrese Gibson continued his role to provide comic relief throughout the movie.  However, if I chose an actor who stood out from the others, I would have to pick Charlize Theron who played the villain in this movie.  There was parts of the movie where the intensitivity of the action in the movie rose. Charlize Theron's acting during these times was on point and her reactions escalated as well.

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There was a hideous, unspeakable type action that was proposed dealing with a baby that I knew Charlize Theron would not have done, even if she is the villain and was threatening Vin Diesel’s character. I think this part should have been omitted completely. Additionally it would have been ok with me if the baby was not part of the movie at all.  An alternative would be to have the baby being cared for by another relative other than the mother so the baby would not be involved in the story or the action.  Let the female be the bargaining chip instead of the baby.  You will know what I’m talking about if you see the movie.

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Star Quality of Vin Diesel

It baffles me as to why Vin Diesel as well as Michelle Rodriguez who plays his romantic interest are the main actors in this movie series.  I’m not caught up with all of the prior movies, so unfortunately I do not have the back story. I do not see the star quality in either of these two actors.  It helped that some of  the other character are well-known actors.

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The Explosions and Slow Motion Actions

There are a few actions that were unbelievable that will cause you to ask yourself -- How did he or she survive that?  However, for the most part, the spectacular stunts that were prevalent in the previous movie was not duplicated in The Fate and the Furious.  For instance, I still remember the unbelievable stunt of a car jumping from one building to the next as well as a car falling down a steep mountain and he was not injured.  By contrast, the action was tame in this movie, which could have been deliberate on the director’s part. There were numerous crashes, explosions and other catastrophic events happening, but I think they ran out of ideas of making something look totally unbelievable.  The scene with the cars strung together by rope was different, but unrealistic because due to the pull action, the door or the roof of the cars would have detached from the force of the car and the rope. The slow motion action seemed amateurish after the first two or three times used during this movie, and could have been omitted.

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Assessment of The Fate of the Furious

I think if not for Charlize Theron’s performance, this movie would not have been worth seeing. She gave an amazing performance in The Fate of the Furious, and brought it up a notch, so to speak.  I went to the movie during Saturday afternoon and the large theater had quite a few empty seats. Of course this could have been because multiple showings of this movie was being played at almost the same time.  However, I was a little surprised at first at all of the empty seats. I was disappointed in the movie on many fronts -- i.e., the lack of memorable stunts that would have people talking, the inclusion of a baby around all that gun violence thanks to Jason Statham solo gun fight against the enemies as well as the lack of star power in Vin Diesel who seems to headline the show and others  It helped that Scott Eastwood was in the movie as a newcomer -- which was different. Even though the explosions were not of the caliber of the previous movie, I could tell the director was trying to do something different, i.e. having altercations in icy, cold areas, etc. so he gets kudos for that.

Regarding the name change of the movie to The Fate instead of The Fast -- the title could have stayed the same because no plausible reason was given for this name change.

Rating of The Fate of the Furious

Based on a Rating of 1 - 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate The Fate and the Furious 2 ½ stars.

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