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CHiPs - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

Disclaimer:  This movie review is mine alone and does not represent the views of AllGames.

 Introduction to CHiPs - A Ms. H Movie Review

 You may think I was scraping the bottom of the bucket when I saw this movie, meaning I’m just choosing to see movies at random, regardless of how good, or in this case, how bad.  The truth is I was in a laughing mood and thought this movie would deliver.  Sadly that was not the case.  

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Premise of CHiPs

 You probably already know the CHiPs movie is based on a television program that aired many moons ago.  Personally, I never watched CHiPs in any media, but wanted to test the waters to see this movie anyway -- against my best judgement.  

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Miscast Star in CHiPs

 I think that Erik Estrada’s character was the lead in the television series, so likewise, the character he played had the leading role.  However, in my opinion, Michael Pena was miscast in this role.  To stay close to the television story, I guess they cast him  as the leading character, but personally, I was not impressed with him having this role.


Funny Parts in CHiPs

 To me, the so-called funny parts, some that you may have seen in the previews were more raunchy than funny.  Many of these scenes involved the interaction between the two main characters in what I would call uncomfortable -- rather than funny situations.  In fact, if you ask me if this was a funny movie, I would have to say no. Michael Pena’s character seemed more annoyed with Dax Shepard’s character than anything else.  I could not see friendship budding between the two. One was overly trying to be funny and the other seemed be be just getting through his lines. No doubt, you’ve heard some actors have a “breakout” role -- one that would almost guarantee they will get many other parts.  For Michael Pena, unfortunately, I don’t see it happening.  

Recommendation for CHiPs

This movie was probably doomed from the beginning; however I think it would have had a chance if a better choice of actors were chosen to play the part of the two officers.  Additionally, I think there were too many Saturday Night Live characters, which made the movie seem more like a television skit instead of a movie.  To recap -- better actors and no Saturday Night Live actors would have improved the movie.   Also eliminate the raunchiness which was not funny to me. By the way, looks like Dax Shepard who is a Saturday Night alumni actor wrote, directed and acted in this movie, which could account for the Saturday Night Live vibe I got from this movie.

 Assessment of CHiPs

 In my opinion, CHiPs was no more than a time waster.  In what looked like  a last ditch effort to try to save this movie, there was inappropriate dialogue that only went to make the relationship between Michael Pena’s and Dax Shepard’s characters more awkward than ever.  On a feminine note, this movie did not acknowledge strong women, mainly because the focus was still on the female being saved by the male as well as an emphasis on looks. There was even a scene where they had a line up of the women patrol officers when trying to locate a particularly attractive officer.  Looking at the line-up a statement was made that she definitely wasn’t among the women who they had rounded up. What a harsh blow to the women who had lined up.

 On a positive note --  a high point in the movie was the appearance of a certain person in the film who was unexpected and who I think probably would have done a fine job playing himself, if only the movie business wasn’t so youth or age focused.  The appearance of this actor in this movie is the reason I added the ½ star to my rating.

 Rating of CHiPs

 Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest, I rate CHiPs 1 ½ stars.

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