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Collateral Beauty - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

 Disclaimer:  This movie review is mine alone and does not represent that of AllGames.

Introduction to Collateral Beauty - A Ms. H Movie Review

I saw Collateral Beauty awhile back when it was showing in movie theaters. Since it has been some time since I saw this movie, I had an idea  the rating I was going to give this movie, but was uncertain if the movie should be rated higher.  Why? Because I thought the movie starred Denzel Washington, and I rate most of his movies high.  It was not until I went to search for images to post with my article that I remembered the movie starred Will Smith instead. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found this out because Oscar winning Denzel Washington could have raised the overall rating for this movie. Check out my review to find out  how Will Smith did in the role as the main character.

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Collateral Beauty - Hidden Meaning

To clarify, this movie is not about beauty in the usual sense of the word -- such as someone having a beautiful face and winning a beauty contest.  These words have deeper meanings in the context of this movie. I did not watch any previews, coming attractions or trailer for Collateral Beauty so I had no idea what the movie was about.  I do not want to spoil the movie for you, so I'll not divulge he hidden meaning for this title.  If you see the movie, maybe on DVD, these words are explained by one of the actors in the movie.

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Any smiles in Collateral Beauty?

In hindsight and remembering some of the highlights of the movie, looks like there is an atmospher of sadness surrounding this movie.  I can’t recall anyone smiling, laughing or looking happy for a long period of time.  Of course there was a reason for this sadness; however, if I had known, I may have skipped this movie completely.  However, Will Smith stars in some good movies, so at the time when I saw this movie, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Recommendations for Collateral Beauty

I think the writer and director underestimated not only the intelligence of the audience, but did the same for Will Smith’s character.  The premise was he was going to meet specific people who represented a specific thing or emotion in life.  The emotions or thing was represented by a cast of actors.It  was important for these people to disappear and seem to be a figment of his imagination. However, I do not believe Will Smith’s character was under the influence of any drugs or anyhing else for him not to know that these were real people talking to him.  If these people were going to appear out of his imagination, I recommend for Will Smith’s character to display some sign of emotional distress.  However, the most emotion I saw him shed was when he raised his eyebrows or frowned.  As I alluded to earlier, I’m sure Denzel Washington could have given an oscar-winning performance in this regard.

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Twists in Collateral Beauty

There was a major twist toward the end of the movie that you may or may not expect. I will not divulge it in my review; however, I will say there was no indication a connection of this type was between the two people in question.  


Assessment of Collateral Beauty

Sometimes I watch a movie that I think may not hold my interest, but because a big star is in it. That’s how I made up my mind to see Collateral Beauty.  Unfortunately,  this movie did not leave any lasting good impression, except maybe one of sadness -- which I was not looking for in particular.  This movie shows you that sometimes, even when big name movie stars are in films - there is no guarantee it will be a good movie. Collateral Beauty had quite a few well known names in films, including Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, and Edward Norton., but this was not enough to make it a good movie.  All this movie did for me was to fill up my time -- time that I could have spent elsewhere, instead of in front of a movie that really did not speak to me. To answer the question that appeared at the beginning of my article which is how did Will Smith do in this role --  My answer is Will Smith did ok; but he is no Denzel Washington, no -- not by a long shot.

Rating of Collateral Beauty

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars with five stars being the best, I rate Collateral Beauty 1 3/4 stars. 

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