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Gifted - A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are mine alone and do not represent those of AllGames.

Introduction to Gifted

I watched Gifted by accident, because I abruptly left another movie that was showing at the same time -- the Shack -- to see this one. I could not bring myself to watch The Shack after I found out what this movie was really about. Because I had already planned to see a movie, I saw Gifted instead.  Unfortunately, I did not see Gifted from the very beginning, but I was able to quickly get caught up as to what this movie was all about -- mainly a custody battle over a little girl who was gifted in math.Gifted1Custody Battle in the Gifted

Unsurprisingly, I could tell how this movie was going to end.  Chris Evan’s character was clearly the underdog in this movie, so of course, as most movies go, he would end up winning the battle. By the way Chris Evans is the actor who also plays Captain America.  I tried, but I could not shake off the image of Captain America whenever Chris Evans appeared, even though he was of course, not in costume because this movie is not Captain America. WIthout spoilers, I can tell you that Chris Evans’ character was not the father of the little orphaned 7 year-old girl, but an uncle who was in a court battle with the wealthy grandmother.  There is a sad story involving the little girl’s mother who has passed and was no longer with her -- however, the core of the movie would be spoiled if I told you more details. Let’s just say the uncle went to court, made a decision, changed his mind about the decision and in a way, a cat brought the little girl and Chris Evans characters together.

1486739217 875 chris evans and his gifted niece

Plausibility of Gifted

After I saw Gifted, I was curious if the movie was based on a true story.  To satisfy mine and maybe your curiosity, this is not a true story. A gap I saw in the movie was the gifted math prodigy did not seem to show any interest in math, which I would expect her to if she was so proficient at it.  In fact, in the movie, she kept asking about getting a piano instead.  

jenny slate gifted chris evans

Chris Evan’s Romantic Interest and an Unnecessary Character

Getting off the topic of the gifted little girl and Chris Evans, there was a teacher who was interested in Chris Evans; however, I did not see any true romantic connection between the two.  In fact, when she called him, even though I believe they were seeing each other, he did not bother to pick up the phone. However, I believe she was pivotal in notifying Chris Evan’s character indirectly that something was not quite right with the foster parents.

Regarding the unnecessary character, that person would be Octavia Spencer who was in my opinion the interfering neighbor.  I guess since they couldn’t cast her as a nanny, she was placed in the meddling neighbor role. My least favorite portrayal of her was when she stood menacing before the grandmother stating that she would have to go through her to get to the little girl -- As if her massive frame would stop the woman from advancing further. I think the movie would have flowed just fine without her.

 gifted movie exclusive 3 oPt

The Grandmother in Gifted

Lindsay Duncan who played the little girl’s grandmother was my favorite character in the movie; not because of her sometimes devious ways in trying to get custody of the little girl, but because of her tenacity, strength and endurance.  The stereotype of grandmothers may be someone walking bent over passing the time away in a rocking chair -- but this was not the case for Lindsay Duncan's character.  She looked to be a grandmother by her face, but her actions told another story of someone who remained accomplished as well as in tune with society and what’s going on.

Assessment of Gifted

I think I made a good choice in seeing Gifted instead of The Shack.  The storyline was not original, but the actors did an adequate job in moving the story along. To me, the little girl appeared to be whiny and I could not see any real connection between her and Chris Evans.  I could not help but think in real life, Chris Evans would not have hesitated to have the little girl’s grandmother take custody. In fact there is a line in the movie where he says “Can’t I have 5 seconds of my life” when he found out the little girl had come back from somewhere earlier than expected.  

Rating of Gifted

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Gifted 2 stars.


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