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Don't Breathe vs. Blair Witch 2016: A Ms. H Movie Review

Written by RealMsH

Disclaimer:  This movie review comparison is mine alone and does not represent the views of

Introduction to Don't Breathe vs. Blair Witch 2016 

At first glance, you may  wonder about the tie in or connecton between Don't Breathe and Blair Witch 2016.  Each is of a different movie genre and does not appear to be similar. Don't Breathe is a suspense thriller and Blair Witch 2016 is considered a scary movie.  I decided to review both because (1) Both movies are currently showing at movie theaters, at least in my area, and (2) If you haven't seen either of these movies, you may want to get an idea of which one you should definitely go see and (3) I think these two movie comparisons make for interesting discussion.


Don't Breathe vs. Blair Witch 2016 

Let's start with the obvious similarities between the two movies.  Each stars young adults, just a little older than teenagers who in my opinion did not make the best choices.  For instance, in the case of Don't Breathe, who of sound mind and body, even petty criminals would choose to commit such a crime as they did which escalated into a myriad of dire consequences? Moving to the Blair Witch 2016 movie -- would a reasonable person go out into the woods, endangering life and limb to search for someone based on a youtube video, that for the most part could be fake, as are a lot of youtube videos?  In a nutshell, characters in both movies make bad decisions which are, for the most part, par for the course in some thriller, scary and suspense movies.

Don't BreathDon't Breath

Both movies are predicated on the fact that you, as a moviegoer, will skip over the fact that the movie characters of both movies did their strange deeds outside of their parents' (or someone who would be concerned for them) knowledge.  Yes, they were young adults, but suffice it to say, when embarking on a journey, the majority of times, one would notify someone of their plans, just because it makes good sense to do so.  Of course, the director and writer of Blair Witch 2016 are betting on the audience overlooking this important point. By the way, it's understandable why the antics of the Don't Breathe actors were not shared.  That being said, these are supposed to be scary or thriller movies. If everyone took the necessary precautions before starting on dangerous adventures, such as letting someone know where they were going, etc.,  the Blair Witch 2016 movie probably would have been more duller than what it was.  In the case of Don't Breathe, there was the perception that at least one of the parents was not interested in their children's safety and in the other that the parents or significant others were not involved with them.Blair Witch 2016Blair Witch 2016

Acting Skills of Don't Breathe vs Blair Witch 2016 Actors

When comparing the acting skills of those who appeared in Don't Breathe with Blair Witch 2016, my up vote goes to the Don't Breathe actors.  Their acting abilities could have been improved, but I did not detect over-acting which I thought was done to the extreme in Blair Witch 2016. Spoiler Alert: What was so dramatic about falling from a tree when one of the actors was unable to reach the drone that had landed there?  From watching this scene, it was as if the world had come to an end with all of her screaming, gasping and other noise sounds she made when she finally fell from the tree.  Even though not of academy award winning calibre, the acting in Don't Breathe was more realistic than that of Blair Witch 2016.


Camera Angles of Don't Breathe vs. Blair Witch 2016

I could not review Blair Witch without mentioning the jerky camera shots that have become the signature angles for Blair Witch movies.  Supposedly everything was being filmed, but even in some scenes where no one was recording, it seemed like the jerkiness of the camera continued.  Added to my frustration with Blair Witch 2016, was the propensity of the camera to show where the characters were going in some scenes.  For example, instead of seeing the character run through the woods, you would see the trees in front of the person who was running. These camera angles, in my opinion diluted the scariness of the movie.  When compared to Don't Breathe -- I believe the camera angles were right on point. I also noticed the characters seemed more afraid in the Blair Witch 2016 movie than the movie audience. Speaking of the movie audience, I heard a few laughs on some scenes of Blair Witch 2016 which was interesting since I thought I was looking at a scary movie instead of a comedy.  

Twists and Turns in Don't Breathe vs. Blair Witch 2016

In the movie Don't Breathe, the unexpected actions were handled in an expert way and kept the audience in suspense. In Blair Witch 2016, I do not think there were any suspense -- maybe questions about how certain items appeared, but no real suspense. However, to its credit, some of the scenes in Blair Witch 2016 did not seem to be as violent as those in Don't Breathe.

blairwitchbanner 625x350

Plot Points of Don't Breathe vs. Blair Witch 2016

When I watched Don't Breathe, I was keenly aware of what the main characters were trying to do.  In Blair Witch 2016, even though the goal was to find the missing sister, there were too many extraneous actions going on where the movie seemed to detour and concentrate on those things instead of the reason they were in the woods in the first place. There were scenes where bizarre things happened with no explanation as to what was going on.  Not to spoil the movie, but what was the significance of a scar on the bottom of one of the actor's foot suddenly bulging out like it had a life of its own?  This was one of the silliest occurrences in Blair Witch 2016 as well as one of the bloodiest, gruesome scenes which to me had no bearing on the rest of the movie.


See Don't Breathe or Blair Witch 2016?

Don't Breathe is the movie to see by a long shot.  I think beyond a shadow of a doubt,  Blair Witch 2016 was not worth the price of the movie ticket.  Not only was there noticeably bad acting, especially in the "scary" parts where too much overacting was taking place, but you may find yourself asking common sense questions of why the characters did specific actions in the first place.  In the case of Don't Breathe, you will probably be kept in a state of suspense, wondering what will happen next -- which makes for a good movie.

Rating of Don't Breathe and Blair Witch 2016

Based on a rating scale of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best,  I give Blair Witch 2016 one (1) star and Don't Breathe three (3) stars.









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