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2016 Killer Instinct XBox One Online Tournament

Written by AllGames presents the Mom's Minute Matriarch Meltdown Killer Instinct Online Tournament for the Xbox One! Players will face each other in one on one battles until only a one is left standing. And that player must then defeat Ms. H herself to claim the prize!

The champion will win the grand prize of the Limited Edition Ultimate Source Killer Instinct Shadow Jago Statue and 10 KidRobot Blind box Street Fighter Mini Figures! Remember, the winner of the tournament must defeat Ms. H herself to win the final prize!

m4 shadowjago boxm4 kidrobot box

2ND Place will win 5 KidRobot Blind Box Street Fighter Mini Figures!

Also, prizes will be given for Longest Combo and to make sure everyone has a chance to win, 2 random players will be chosen to win prizes from the AllGames Prize Box.
(You do not have to be in the U.S. to play, but prizes can only be shipped to U.S. Addresses)

The tournament will start on  Jan 19th and wont end until a final victor has been chosen.


The tournament will be held using Killer Instinct for the Xbox One.
To Register:

Log in to
Go to Forums and click on the 2016 M4 Tournament Signup post in the Competitions section
(or just click this link

You must be logged in to your AllGames account to sign up. When the M4 Killer Instinct Tournament begins, matchups with a deadline will be posted in the forum and you and your opponent must agree on a time to fight. Report the winner and the process starts again for the next round.



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