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Supergirl Recap Episode 4 : Livewire

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Another week, and another ugly bubbly face is on my screen. One thing humans have over aliens, superior skin care products. The alien is being escorted down the hallways of the DEO in chains that look like they were designed to be broken out of. Oh look, the chains were just broken out of. Luckily Supergirl is there to the beat down on the prisoner before too much mayhem happens. During the brawl her sister calls to complain that Supergirl is late to something. I’m guessing Supergirl is wearing a bluetooth headset, since she answers the phone by touching her ear. Why does she need a phone anyway? Just speak in a loud clear voice anywhere in the world and you’ll save a lot on your minutes.

sg ep4 alien 1

After the mini-fight, Supergirl notes ‘He was tough’ and Gruff but Lovable corrects her ‘She’. Yeah, check your privilege there, Kara.

Back at the apartment, the Sister is obsessing over her Mom visiting. When Mom shows up (Hey look, it’s Helen Slater, from the original Supergirl Movie!), it’s almost almost distracting how much Supergirl and Mom look alike. Even though shes adopted. Are we sure the sister wasn’t the one picked up in an orphanage?

Cut to a radio shock jock saying shocking things on the radio about Supergirl. There are still shock jocks? This one is Leslie Willis, the Livewire! Shock jocks aren’t what they used to be because Leslie’s verbal jabs include mocking Supergirl’s figureskater outfit, and that she’s ‘adorkable’. I’ve heard tougher put downs from 7 year olds on the playground. Not to me of course. I wasn't ever made fun of by kids on a playground. Nope. Not me. I was always cool.

Leslie moves on to say that Supergirl gives off a ‘sapphic vibe’, and with that, we hit the theme of this week’s show. Anytime the episode hints at a twinge of lesbianism, take a drink. And don’t think I missed that the shock jock’s name is ‘Leslie’, so take a drink retroactively.

Friendzone gets himself invited to Kara’s house for Thanksgiving. It’s a classic pity date move. When someone asks what you’re doing for the holidays, mention any tv show, delivery food, and say it with a sad look on your face. And just like that, you’ve got an invite to some home cooked turkey.

The ShockJock is in Prada’s office getting a stern talking to. We know she’s a rebel because she puts her drink down...without a coaster! They talk about pushing boundaries, and going too far. They’re supposed to be talking about making fun of supergirl, but it’s more like a thinly veiled relationship argument. ShockJock is jealous when Prada says she’d adopt Supergirl if she could. That’s just too much for ShockJock and she delivers a scathing comeback. ‘You’re a hypocrite.’ Oh no you di-int! Prada fires her from her job for that remark. Well, that escalated quickly. Since Shock Jock has two years left on her contract, she’ll spend them as a traffic reporter in a helicopter. This was a textbook couple’s fight. Take a drink.

sg ep4 lesliecat 2

Kara picks up takeout lunch from a bar. Who gets takeout from a bar? Oh, I see why she’s here, Jimmy Olsen is there so she goes and talks to him. While Friendzone had to sprout puppydog eyes to get an invite, Kara immediately asks Jimmy to her place for Thanksgiving. But, it seems that talk that Jimmy was going to give his hot exgirlfriend last week about how he doesn't want to see her anymore didn't go so well. Because now they’re going off on a trip together for the holiday. And you know what that means... Hot Ex Girlfriend shows up to take Jimmy away, but as they walk away, his eyes never leave Kara’s back pocket.

The Sister also shows up in the bar (How’d she know Kara was in the bar?). They go back and forth about who Mom likes best or whatever and Kara says maybe the Sister should just ‘come out’. She’s referring to ‘coming out as a secret agent’, but I’m pretty sure no one uses the term ‘coming out’ when telling their parents they got a new job. Take a drink.

ShockJock is in a helicopter in the middle of a lightning storm to cover traffic. Well, that was a quick job switch. The pilot says the weather is too dangerous and that he’s going to land, but she overrules him and makes them stay out. Her first day on the job and she can tell a trained pilot to ignore safety precautions? Lightning strikes the copter and it’s Supergirl to the rescue! As she pulls ShockJock out of the copter, lightning strikes Supergirl and goes right into ShockJock. I’m sure that’s not how lightning works, but it’s a cool effect so I’ll allow it.

sg ep4 copter 3

The next scene has ShockJock in the hospital and Prada has come to visit. Prada says some nice words to ShockJock (who now has cool white hair) which wakes her up out of her coma. See, they have a ‘connection’. Take a drink.

Back at Supergirl’s apartment the Sister and Mom are arguing about something or the other. It’s a lead in to a flashback where young Kara takes her sister out flying at night. It’s a sweet scene showing the bond between the girls.

ShockJock has checked herself out of the hospital and is wandering a back alley. And on cue, a guy shows up to try to rape her. She uses her new lightning powers to electrocute him to death. Good for her. I think that scene is supposed to make her look like she’s gone evil, but since the person she killed was a rapist, I say more power to her. Then she turns into pure electricity zaps herself into a street lamp. Those powers sure escalated quickly.

 It’s Thanksgiving dinner and Mom gets Kara to finish cooking the turkey with her heat vision. So -that’s- where the effects budget went. The Sister makes a joke about a microwave which must mean she’s really really drunk. Kara wants everyone to share their feelings. Friendzone senses an opening and starts to profess his lo..too late, James calls in to say Hi. He’s taking a break from stuffing the turkey with hot ExGirlfriend,..err, I mean stirring the gravy...umm, spreading the cranberry sauce? Oh forget it.

sg ep4 turkey 4

While Kara and James are not having phone sex in the other room, the sister decides to tell her Mom that she’s a secret agent and that she works with Kara. The Mom is very mad for some reason. Why? No idea. But Helen Slater is knocking it out of the park with this performance. Unfortunately it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe this childhood flashback will explain things. Little Kara and the Sister get yelled at by their parents for flying around. Gruff but Loveable shows up at the door, looking extra gruff. Nope, that didn’t explain anything.

Kara is now at the office with Prada and all of the computers are down. ShockJock has infected all of the TV’s with her lightning powers and given herself a supervillain name, LiveWire. Not bad. I’ll allow it. She’s really gotten a handle on these new powers quickly. Her aim is pretty bad, but I’m guessing she spent most of her time figuring out how to get through the HDCP protocols on those HDMI connections she’s travelling through.

Livewire and Supergirl fight. Livewire’s powers are mostly just flicking light switches on and off very fast. The fight ends when Livewire escapes as Supergirl saves Prada from a falling elevator.

After the mayhem, Gruff but Lovable shows up and wants to move Prada to a secure location. But she refuses because ‘tomorrow is black friday and CatCo will be open for business.’ But CatCo isn't a mom and pop fruit stand. Its a major communications syndicate.Her company can run without her sitting in her office from 9 to 5.

Gruff but Lovable gives some technobabble explanation about how he’s going to come up with a way to stop Livewire.

Argh, we have a solid 5 minutes of Kara and Prada sharing feelings about their families. I have to admit, I zoned out.

Oh no, now Mom and Sister are sharing feelings, too. When will this hell ever end. And this time we even get background music from an indie singer. I’m going to go make a sandwich, brb.

Prada meets up with Supergirl and comes up with a plan to catch LiveWire. She’s really going out of her way for a character that’s been portrayed as a hard nosed business woman. She feels guilty and feels that she’s the reason Livewire is evil because they had a rough breakup. Okay,maybe she didn’t say that but come on, the underlying tone is obvious. Take a drink.

The DEO makes a ghostbuster trap to stick Livewire in, but first, they need to get her to show up. Prada goes to her radio station to make a broadcast to 1) let people know CatCo is open for business and 2) To tell livewire to come see her where they first met.

Why use the radio station? Wouldn’t tv work better? I don’t have any research in front of me but I’m gonna assume that a few more people watch TV than listen to the radio. And didn’t the host of the radio show get fired a couple of days ago? So at best some fill in host is on the air and no one listens to the fill in hosts.

Livewire and Prada meetup at the spot where they had their first date and Livewire is disappointed not to see Supergirl there. She wanted one of them to watch the other die. Now if those aren’t the words of a scorned lover, I don’t know what is.
From the way Prada is acting in this scene, I’m beginning to think that Calista Flockhart wanted the role of Supergirl for herself, because she’s already hit 3 hero poses.

sg ep4 livewirewhip 6

Supergirl shows up to trade quips with Livewire. ‘Oh Shut up, you mean girl!’ This episode is just filled with poor dialogue choices. During the fight Supergirl tosses LiveWire into a streetlight, which doesn’t do much damage. LiveWire’s powers morph again and now she’s a clone of Whiplash from Ironman 2. Did they have a different writer for each scene LiveWire is in? Because so far in 3 different appearances she’s had 3 different power sets.

Supergirl wins the fight by spraying LiveWire down with water. Seems like a no brainer. Funny how the DEO went through all that trouble creating a ghostbuster trap and no one thought ‘Hey, why not just splash her with water?’

sg ep4 water 7

The next day Kara is back at work and gives Friendzone some leftovers from Thanksgiving. He tries to score some bad boy points by telling her out of the blue that his dad is in prison (and a likely future villain for Supergirl). Then he throws a hail mary and goes in for a kiss. On the cheek, but still, bold move there, Friendzone. Before she gets a chance to call HR, Kara sees that James and HotExGirlfriend are back in town. She completely dismisses Friendzone and goes to talk to them about their trip. As soon as HotExGirlFriend leaves, Jimmy takes two steps forward into Kara’s personal space to ask her how she’s doing. This guy cant seem to say a word to her unless he’s less than 4 inches from her face.

sg ep4 kiss 8

Back at the apartment, Mom lays out some secrets. Their dad made a deal with the DEO to protect Kara and he died while working for Gruff but Lovable. Oh snap! This changes everything! Well, not really. But now we have another layer of plot that no one asked for. In case Evil Aunt/ Baddie of the Week/ Love Triangle/ Superman’s Shadow/ Kryptonian Prison, wasn’t enough, now add Dad Conspiracy to the list of things to keep track of. See you next week!

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