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Red Alert 2 Tournament - World War Free

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World War Free - Red Alert 2 Tournament
Sign ups have started for the AllGames Red Alert 2 Tournament : World War Free! Thanks to EA's On the House promotion on Origin, Red Alert 2 and the Yuri's Revenge explansion are both free to download. The classic real time strategy game pits the worlds superpowers against each other in tactical battles where the weapons range from attack dogs to bomb dropping blimps. First released in 2000, Red Alert 2 remains as one of the most fun ways to obliterate your friends on the battlefield.

We're having a tournament to celebrate this old school RTS. It's free to download, free to signup, and will run on just about any windows PC built in the past 15 years. So you're good to go. The ultimate winner will recieve a beautiful Playarts Cammy statue. The complete rules, including how to get the game up and running are in the AllGames Forums. ( Signups end and the battles begin on Saturday 11/14 so dont hesitate.

Playarts Cammy 6081


0 #2 Yomar "Yogi" Lopez 2015-11-14 00:01
Excellent timing! It just so happens that RA2 is the free game on EA Origin On The House.. So I'm sure many of us have the game already and have been hankering to play. I got my podcast, Timey-Wimey Tea Time, on Saturday but hope to get involved in the action. Good luck, all!


0 #1 Delider 2015-11-13 16:46
I sure hope this figure is chemical resistant.

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