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In Memorium: Leonard "Spock" Nimoy

Written by moses magnum
leonard nimoy as spock
     I remember as a bright eyed little boy, I would watch star trek in syndication at 12:30 am on la's Kcop TV before it was UPN and the nothing it is now. I remember watching Kirk and Spock differ on approaches to the same situations. it struck a chord with me. They were opposite sides of the same coin or like the two parts of the brain. Kirk was the impulse and Spock was the logical after thought. At least thats how i saw it at the tender age of 7. This is a terrible eulogy to the great Leonard Nimoy only beacause im not writing about what a great actor he was or his many other interets like photography and music. Nimoy's passing makes me take a logical look at DEATH. Makes me think about DEATH, really think, not feel. I feel saddened by the news of his passing but I didn't know him personally.  Most facebook and Twitter and tumbler etc...( it's where anything else to the Internet ?) are posting crying emoticons or fan art or appropriating fan art to commemorate the great Leonard Nimoy, to truly honor his character Spock I choose to think. Think, that word it is equally a verb as it it is a command. THINK. In Nimoy's passing I am forced to think of death, and different forms of it. Murder, Pestilence, acts of God (whatever that means), freedom from pain. DEATH is the ultimate reward for suffering. It is the abstract that should be idolized and made a deity that to be worshipped above all else. No matter what religious belief one has DEATH is ever looming over the proverbial shoulder. DEATH is the constant variable in the grand equation. Everything everyone does is either rushing towards DEATH or avoiding it. Good bye Spock may DEATH's loving embrace warm you for eternity.


0 #1 RealMsH 2015-03-01 10:48
In my opinion, no one can ever emulate or come close to the greatness that Leonard Nimoy exhibited in his portrayal of Mr. Spock on Star Trek as well as his other acting roles.

I would like to share a story. When I was 17 years old, I wrote a college essay which had the theme of where do you see yourself in the future. I distinctly remember writing that I feel that we are living in the past and there are many great inventions to come. I added, "I will not live forever and would like to see new inventions now." On my essay, the teacher struck a line through this statement and annotated -- "Logical."

I did not quite understand why this statement was lined through until much later. I took this one word criticism to mean this statement was logical and not a necessary part of the essay. Well times have changed. If I wrote that statement today, I'm sure I would be praised for stating such a logical fact.

However, I used my teacher's criticism to my advantage. Instead of looking on the darker side, I chose to focus on life's positives instead, which will by the way include ups and downs. It's logical that life is not forever; however, I choose to enjoy the here and now -- which in the broader spectrum and in my opinion -- is what sometimes counts the most.

Celebrating the life and times of Leonard Nimoy and all the happiness and joy he brought to others through his life's work.

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