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ag wants you

AllGames has been going through a lot of changes in the past few months with new shows, more articles and reviews, expanded convention coverage, and theres a lot more on the way. We're looking to add more people to the AG staff to help keep the momentum going. And by help I mean working long hours with no pay and occasionally being yelled at by a large man about deadlines. If that sounds like fun to you (and it should, because it is), contact me, DerrickH about joining the team. There are spots available for just about every discipline. A word of warning though, even though AllGames is a gaming media network, it's still a network, and that means there are a lot of moving parts which need a constant amount of effort to keep  moving. If that sounds like a challenge you're ready to accept, drop me a line.

(Not to say it's all grit and grime being on the AllGames staff, it's still AllGames so theres a metric ton of game playing and perks, but I've found it's better to lead with the 'hard work' part so people arent surprised when they have to actually do hard work.)

Some of the skills we're interested in include (but aren't limited to)

  • Joomla Management
  • Website Administration
  • Event Coordination
  • Writing


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