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How You Can Be Successful at Black Friday Shopping: Secrets Revealed

Written by RealMsH

In my opinion, it is becoming more difficult to take advantage of all of the Black Friday sales that crop up every year.  To be successful at Black Friday shopping, you must go beyond simple planning and become somewhat of a sleuth or an undercover shopping private detective to be successful and come away from Black Friday sales not full of frustration because you did not get those highly underpriced sale items but from a feeling of triumph that not only did you have a plan, but that you successfully worked your plan.   

Even though my Black Friday Shopping secrets can be used to obtain any item that is on sale on Black Friday, my advice here is geared towards video games and video game peripheral merchandise.

Alert!  Some Black Friday Sales start Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014Alert! Some Black Friday Sales start Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014

You may wonder why would I reveal my Black Friday shopping secrets now, especially when not only are Black Friday sales getting more competitive than ever, but the shoppers themselves are known to sometimes go too far to get the Black Friday prices, sometimes spoiling someone else's shopping experience.  Hopefully you are not one of these people and respect that most people want to get a good bargain without hassles or confrontations. Well, to answer your question, knowlege is power and I'm choosing to share this power with you. 

Let's start with the first secret of shopping on Black Friday, which you may already know, but may not practice.  The secret?  Plan ahead.  In my opinion, it is never too early to start planning ahead for the Black Friday sales, even if you do not know which items will be on sale.  From your past shopping experience, it should be a given that certain video games or video game merchandise will be reduced probably drastically on Black Friday.  If the video game is already out -- such as Destiny, then you can add this game to your Black Friday shopping list, mentally or physically to check out when the Black Friday sales start leaking.  And yes -- they will leak long before Black Friday comes around.

Best Buy before Black FridayBest Buy before Black Friday

Knowing exactly what you plan to buy on Black Friday, before the date rolls around will help curtail you from buying items impulsively, including video games. These video games will be priced competively but will prove to be a waste when you find yourself not playing or enjoying the video game as you envisioned.  In other words, do not get caught up in the Black Friday moment and purchase items simply because they are on sale, especially if you know the item will not be used.  You would have wasted your time purchasing the item as well as your money in buying it. Remember to stick with your plan. 

Planning also helps you stay within your budget as well.  With Christmas sales right around the corner, you may want to spread your savings to go beyond Black Friday.  Yes -- a lot of people say they start their Christmas shopping on Black Friday, but additional sales will  be held close to the Christmas holidays as well.  Do not be enticed by the Black Friday sales and spend all of your money at one place or at one time -- Have a plan -- along with a budget and your Black Friday shopping will be a breeze. 



Regarding making lists for Black Friday shopping -- It is totally up to you if you want to make a list of the items that you plan to purchase on Black Friday.  Studies have shown that you will probably spend less when you are using a list, rather than shopping cold turkey without one.  You will definitely want to use a list for Christmas shopping to refrain from overspending.   There is a whole different plan for Christmas vs. Black Friday shopping mainly because Christmas sales are not squeezed into just a few days like Black Friday and the supply of sale tems are not as limited. 

Once you have your list and/or your Black Friday ads, then it's time to comparison shop.  Yes, even when you are shopping on Black Friday, you need to make sure items on sale are not available somewhere else at a lower price.  And while we are on the topic of prices, make sure that you are really getting a good deal on the price and that the item is actually on sale.  Some stores have items already discounted and advertise that the item is 50% off; however the 50% off is on the regular price -- not the sale price so you are not saving as much as you thought.

Walmart Black Friday SalesWalmart Black Friday Sales

Now for the mechanics of successful Black Friday shopping -- you may print ads from the internet at establishments where there are usually huge video game savings such as Target, Best Buy and Walmart.  Of course, there are other places tooting Black Friday sales as well.  The secret of successful Black Friday shopping is to obtain a physical newspaper, even if you do not usually read the newspaper.  You are using the newspaper for the Black Friday sales advertisment brochures.  While checking out the sales brochures, you may notice retail establishments sales that you overlooked previously.  Get the Thursday, Thanksgiving Day newspaper that has all the sales brochures in tact and begin either validating the prices of the sales items that you found online, or add new sale items that you may have missed.  You can physically circle the sales items of interest, fold up the sales brochures, and use as your shopping guide as you began your adventure in Black Friday shopping. 

You have probably heard the saying that "the early bird gets the worm."  Well in this case, you, as the early Black Friday shopper wins the prize of obtaining coveted sale items simply because you are arriving at the sales location first or in the first group before the other shoppers.  

I would like to caution here that there is no need for you to go to the extreme in being early for Black Friday sales.  For example, there is news that some people are already camping out in front of a Best Buy, weeks before the Black Friday sales start.  Some say camping out at Best Buy is their hobby and they sometimes make friends in the process.  My answer to this is, in my opinion, there are better ways to make friends not to mention all of the other interesting things you could be doing instead of standing or waiting in a long line.  So don't waste your time standing in line too far in advance of the sale.  Instead spend it, among other things following the first step of planning to be successful at the Black Friday sales as explained above.


A display from Trilogy Comics which will be having a Black Friday Sale

I must stress safety at this point.  With some sales starting at 5:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day and Daylight Savings Time in effect, by that time, it is already dark outside in some locations.  Therefore, if you are shopping alone, or even with others, you must always be aware of your surroundings when you leave your car to enter the store to take advantage of the Black Friday sales, and even more importantly when you leave the store, probably with your arms or cart full of merchandise.  Be on the alert for anyone walking too close behind you, or in your path as you make you way back to the car. Always have your car keys in your hands so you can enter your car quickly and safely be on your way.  I can write a book on safety, so I will not go into details here.  Just remember to above everything else -- be safe when you shop on Black Friday.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare video game display at Target

The last secret is to plan your route if you are going to several different stores to take advantage of the Black Friday sales. Normally, you may travel to the retail establishment that is furthest away,  then make your way back to the store that is closest to where you stay upon your return.  However, on Black Friday, my advice to you is to not travel your usual route.   Start your Black Friday shopping at the store location that has the sales item with the absolutely best sale and the must-haves for you.  By going to the places that have the items you want to purchase first, you have a higher probability of getting this sales merchandise before the supply runs out.  

Follow these steps to ensure that when it's all said and done and the Black Friday sales are long over, you would have obtained the items that were high on your list for your Black Friday shopping.  Success will be yours! 

Be safe and Happy Black Friday shopping!


0 #2 RealMsH 2014-11-27 19:11
Thanks for your comments. I believe Black Friday shopping is like an acquired art -- either you like it or your don't. It's probably understood that I'm in the former group. I returned from Black Friday shopping and was happy to say that everyone I met was friendly, helpful and overall in a good shopping mood. Of course, it helped that I was smiling and was shopping more so for the shopping experience instead of making sure I snagged that low price deal. I'm looking forward to continuing to shop the Black Friday sales and I hope someone learned from my experiences that I shared on how to be successful at Black Friday shopping to include staying safe as well. I appreciate you taking the time to post your comments.
0 #1 Redertainment 2014-11-19 09:48
I tend to avoid stores on Black Friday. I even change my route to work so I don't have to drive past the Walmart I pass everyday. This year is no different. I'll start my shopping on Thanksgiving Day with what I can get online, do some more shopping over the weekend, and be done with the whole shopping before December even begins. I don't look for deals, I look for it to be over.

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