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Cat & Fox - Episode 108 - Disutansu

For today's episode we review Expelled from Paradise, The Revenant, Irrational Man, and Yandere Simulator (as well as the Twitch controversy surrounding it!). Kitsune also goes on a rant against Bakemonogatari, much

Cat & Fox - Episode 107 - S or M?

On today's episode we start off the show with reviews of GATE, Dimension W, Saekano, Noragami, From 5 to 9 and more. Birthday listener Hect calls in and gives us his pick

Cat & Fox - Episode 106 - Kan Keri

Late archive, apologies in advance! On today's show, Burr FINALLY sees The Force Awakens, gives his final verdict on the confusing Concrete Revolutio, and also talks Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans as well
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