Cat & Fox - Episode 108 - Disutansu

For today's episode we review Expelled from Paradise, The Revenant, Irrational Man, and Yandere Simulator (as well as the Twitch controversy surrounding it!). Kitsune also goes on a rant against Bakemonogatari, much to DoomPlague's chagrin. Is it really so bad? Find out! Anime Night pits two high school comedies against each other: Seitokai Yakuindomo and MM!, Hect's pick from the previous week. Cat vs. Fox reaches a rare consensus on a story with business shirt underpants. Yeah it makes no sense until we explain it... Learn how to get some play time at the arcade with a new Language Share segment. We run out of time before delving too far into the news but we did get around to talking about that cat keyhole bra trend spreading all over the internet. So join us and listen to some Cat & Fox!

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