Cat & Fox - Episode 102 - Kouya

Burr gets Supercharged with the latest Skylanders (well not really), and also talks some Bojack Horseman. Kitsune shares her own take of Persona 4 Dancing All Night, then goes on to review Legend of Legacy and old school style JRPG for 3DS. She also visits the real life Gundam in Japan and tells us about Gundam Build Fighters! We've had our Food Wars, but now it's time to examine the Daily Life of High School Boys on Anime Night. Cat vs. Fox battles it out between fortune cookies and man nipples. We'll teach you how to celebrate Naked Wednesday with us on Language Share! Last but not least, our news segment features discussion of how Halloween is celebrated in Japan, and why the UN may have made itself non grata with its latest advice for the country.

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