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Hangin' With Chester Episode 148

29-06-2016 Hangin' With Chester

All four guys are here this week to discuss what's been going on along with discussing the season finale of Game of Thrones. We also answer two emails. One from Teddy and a really good one from Super Dave. Check it out. Also remember to check out all the great shows at All Games Radio. Download Episode

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Emulation, Version 2.0

28-06-2016 Gaming History 101

When Fred first started Gaming History 101, he was quite opposed to emulation and of course the piracy that comes with it.  Now, five years later, things are a bit different for a several reasons.  Since Jam got stuck trying to get home from holiday, Fred flies solo to discuss his new take on emulation, why he feels this way, and most importantly his list of the best emulators to...

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Dead Pixel Live:PR ep 94 6-23-16

27-06-2016 Dead Pixel Live

Dead Pixel Live counts down the top consoles in the world in this episode. Is E3 still a thing? Download Episode

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Hell's Kitchen Kast - Men With Fear - S02E02 - Dogs To A Gunfight

27-06-2016 Shieldcast

SPOILER WARNING FOR DAREDEVIL SEASON 2 EP 2 In this weeks episode of Men With Fear Colonel Chaos and Agent Urquhart recap and discuss season 2 episode 2 of Marvel's Daredevil titled "Dogs To A Gunfight". They also round up and discuss all the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe news. Contains spoilers for the episode as well as our thoughts and theories on Marvel's Daredevil. #Daredevil #Kingpin #itsallconnected #Uprising...

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Season 10, Episode 26

26-06-2016 In-Game Chat

Is this episode a buy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch? Find out at the following link. It isn’t often we have a guest host on the show. Sitting in for the full 2 hours is daunting and that comes from those of us who do it each week. However, if there is Download Episode ...

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Zombie Cast 209

26-06-2016 ZombieCast

ZombieCast.Net Official ZombieResearchSociety Radio Show Twitter @ZombieCastWorld Facebook search ZOmbieCast and like us Please leave us a Review on all FEEDS! ZombieCast.Net Official ZombieResearchSociety Radio Show Twitter @ZombieCastWorld Facebook search ZOmbieCast and like us Please leave us a Review on all FEEDS!

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R9cast 296: The Silence Of Sony

26-06-2016 R9Cast

Has anyone noticed that their was something missing at this past E3? Disillusioned Sony fans, check. Hype machine on overdrive, check. Target trailers with no release date, check! Where was the we are the best mentality? Where were the smug little videos from 2013? Where was the heavily rumored PS4 Neo!?! Sony, once again, is Download Episode

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TWTT EP54 - Freeform Banter, E3 2016 & Mild Tohubohu

24-06-2016 Timey Wimey Tea Time

Fundraising continues. Please pitch in what you can afford/spare. Every little bit helps! http://bit.ly/gangtip BTW, we're now on Google Play! Please leave us reviews on iTunes, TuneIn Radio,... Friends gather to discuss Doctor Who, sci-fi, fantasy, creative writing, poetry, beauty, and other things geeks speak. LIVE - http://twitch.tv/GeekyAntics SMS/VM 646-801-2149 twtt@geekyantics.net Download Episode

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The B-Team Episode 370 for June 24, 2016

23-06-2016 The B-Team

Breached Hard reset Redux Starcraft 2 Co-op RE 7 demo Overwatch Download Episode

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Woman Up! Podcast #27 - E3 & Games We're Excited For

23-06-2016 Woman Up!

Cohosts SarahTheRebel and OhCatrina talk Star Wars announcements, Stargate news and E3! Catrina also introduced a surprise new segment! Prefer to listen to WUP? http://Allgames.com/WUP or http://bit.ly/WUPiTunes Watch Woman Up! live every other Wednesday at 8pm PST here or on www.twitch.tv/sarahtherebel Twitter: http://twitter.com/WomanUpShowTumblr: http://womanuppodcast.tumblr.com SarahTheRebel and ohCatrina join forces to form Woman Up! Podcast the gaming, comics and all things geeky podcast run by two crazy cat ladies. Personal Twitters:@SarahTheRebel@OhCatrina Chick Picks:Sarah:- was on Krillin It:...

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VGS OVERCLOCKED Episode VII - 1-900-Towoo-Towoo-Towoo-Towoo-Towoo-Towoo-Towoo? (…

22-06-2016 Video Games Show

Yes, the wait is finally over and the crew of VGS Overclocked is back.  Normally I would write about what was discussed, but there is so much free flow to this episode, it is hard to point out specifics.  Well, we do get an update from Josh on Phoenix Comic Con, Rich rants about Mighty No. 9, Addy wants to tend bar everywhere, Keith is employee of the month, we...

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HorsePLAY! EP132 - E3 2016 Game By Game PLUS Weird Pet Sounds

22-06-2016 Horseplay

Insert really random crap that no one will actually read. SHRIVELEDPENISBARBERSHOP. Last week was our biggest download week this year. Please say hello! mail@geekyantics.net Can't donate? Leave us... Join us for an interactive Twitch experience. Tons of shenanigans & love 4 streamers, Hearthstone, indie games, tech, & geeks! http://twitch.tv/geekyantics 646-801-2149 mail@geekyantics.net Download Episode

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Hangin' With Chester Episode 147

22-06-2016 Hangin' With Chester

Hendrix, Bloodshot, and gk bullshit the happenings of the last week. Alphabox is out this week doing something or other. We discuss E3 a bit more and gk fills in what he's been doing the last two weeks. Also apologies for the quality of gk's audio. The roommates were downloading too much porn. Finally remember to check out Allgames.com. It has a ton of cool shows to check out. ...

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Video Game News Radio - 06/12/2016

22-06-2016 Video Game News

The week's gaming news... Download Episode

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E3 Franchise Legacies

21-06-2016 Gaming History 101

Lots of games were announced at E3 this year and many of them come from long running franchises.  With Jam on holiday, Fred brings in guests Vos and Shawn (from the Horribly Awkward podcast) to discuss the lineage of what was announced.  Some franchises are stronger than you may remember, whereas others…not so much. Download Standard Podcasts Download Episode ...

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Season 10, Episode 25

19-06-2016 In-Game Chat

Our opening video shows more games than EA did at the following link. If we’re picking winners of E3 based on the conferences alone, Sony wins in our book. We easily tell you why in this episode and while we’re likely to find disagreement on our selection, this is strictly based on just our opinions. Download Episode

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Zombie Cast 208 w/ Alex Essoe

19-06-2016 ZombieCast

This week we hang with celeb Alex Essoe of Starry Eyes and a ton more! We are ZombieCast.NET Official Zombie Research Society Radio Show Twitter @ZombieCastWorld Facebook search ZombieCast Like Facebook.com/DJFreemanDaddy for Freeman bookings! Freeman bookings!

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R9cast 295: Scor-pi-o! Scor-pi-o! Scor-pi-o!

19-06-2016 R9Cast

  I’m smiling on the outside and laughing hysterically on the inside. Why you may ask? Well, the lava flowing through the veins of all the Sony fanboys must be agonizing. Why lava? Well, because Sony, in their infinite wisdom, decided to not show or even speak of the leaked PS Neo which is causing Download Episode

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