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Ms. H Grades the Black Friday Sales - 2015

Introduction It's that time of the year when lots of people, including myself want to enjoy huge savings from shopping the Black Friday sales.  However, the...

Nov 25 2015 Mom's Minute Blog 1 Comment

Supergirl Recap Episode 4 : Livewire

Another week, and another ugly bubbly face is on my screen. One thing humans have over aliens, superior skin care products. The alien is being...

Nov 23 2015 Dead Pixel Live Blog No comments

Pathologic Classic HD [PC]

Pathologic Classic HD is a remastered version of the cult classic first person survival game where you search an open world to find clues, items...

Nov 18 2015 PC No comments

Supergirl Recap - Episode 3 Fight or Flight

The episode begins where the previous one ended, with Supergirl being interviewed in the middle of the night by Cat Grant aka Prada. Supergirl is...

Nov 12 2015 Dead Pixel Live Blog No comments

Red Alert 2 Tournament - World War Free

World War Free - Red Alert 2 TournamentSign ups have started for the AllGames Red Alert 2 Tournament : World War Free! Thanks to EA's...

Nov 07 2015 All Games Blog 2 Comments

Supergirl Recap - Episode 2 Stronger Together

The episode opens with Supergirl flying through the air telling the viewer that this isnt ‘His’ story. It’s hers, just in case you misread the...

Nov 03 2015 Dead Pixel Live Blog No comments


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Oct 31 2015 Show Blogs No comments

Unraveling the Release Dates for Rise of the Tomb Raider Video Game

Are you clear on exactly when and on what video game systems Rise of the Tomb Raider video game will be released?  If not,  you...

Oct 18 2015 Mom's Minute Blog 1 Comment

Sega Announces Dash 2

Sega knows how much we all love our favorite blue furball, I mean we did download the original Sonic Dash over 140 million times.  That’s...

Oct 04 2015 News No comments

Valiant Interactive releases GSL Demo

Valiant Interactive, the independent studio out of Edinburgh, has released a new trailer and demo for their action packed arcade sports game that is to...

Oct 03 2015 News No comments

Basil 'The White Dragon' Masters on Mom's Minute

Ms. H welcomes actor and martial artist, Basil 'The White Dragon' Masters, to an episode of Mom's Minute. Basil has starred in a number of...

Sep 30 2015 Mom's Minute Blog No comments

Boltus Launch Announced

Twin Echoes has announced their first game, Boltus.  Boltus is currently on Steam Greenlight and will launch early 2016.  Twin Echoes LLC is based in...

Sep 27 2015 News No comments

Rising Star Games Introduces Lumo

Rising Star Games has partnered up with Triple Eh? Ltd. to bring you a brand new adventure game for the Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Xbox...

Sep 20 2015 News 2 Comments