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Aaron H

Aaron H

Saturday, 03 October 2015 12:15

Valiant Interactive releases GSL Demo

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Valiant Interactive, the independent studio out of Edinburgh, has released a new trailer and demo for their action packed arcade sports game that is to be released on the PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Mac, and Linux.  A game of running, catching, diving for discs thrown by your opponent as you try to score enough goals to reduce the score of the poor sap that decided to go against you to zero.



So if you are like me and don’t actually want to go outside and throw some discs around when you can do it from the comfort of my couch.  You can vote yes at their Steam Greenlight page You can also visit their web page at to get more info and you can find the free demo here.

Sunday, 27 September 2015 18:20

Boltus Launch Announced

Twin Echoes has announced their first game, Boltus.  Boltus is currently on Steam Greenlight and will launch early 2016.  Twin Echoes LLC is based in Romania and just launched earlier this month by a married programmer/artist duo who like to foster a rapport with their players to build a better experience.

In its twist on the classic pinball Boltus puts you in the game as the ball and you are trying to capture your enemy team’s base going from bumper to bumper.  This action-puzzler you are released from the constraints of the normal pinball machine and can play both single player and co-op.  Check out their Steam Greenlight page to show your support or you can check out the Twin Echoes website for more info


Sunday, 20 September 2015 08:23

Rising Star Games Introduces Lumo

Rising Star Games has partnered up with Triple Eh? Ltd. to bring you a brand new adventure game for the Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.  Developed with the Unity game engine this isometric, arcade adventure game is reminiscent of the classic 8-bit adventure games that we all know and love.

Explore over 400 rooms solving puzzles, finding secrets, and looking out for those easter eggs that might make you remember the golden years of gaming.  If you happen to be in Europe September 24-27 then you can check the game out at the Eurogamer Expo at the RSG booth.  If not you will have to wait for its release early next year.  Get more info at


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