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Thursday, 12 November 2015 19:21

Supergirl Recap - Episode 3 Fight or Flight

The episode begins where the previous one ended, with Supergirl being interviewed in the middle of the night by Cat Grant aka Prada. Supergirl is hovering about 10 feet in the air above Cat, forcing her to look up to Supergirl. This is one of those ‘superiority' tricks you’re taught in executive school. You know how when you’re in a meeting, the boss’s chair is set a few inches higher than everyone elses?. It’s what someone does when they’re trying to hide an inferiority complex. Hmm, we’re about 20 seconds in and I think I’ve discovered the theme for this week’s show.

Prada asks ‘Who are you’ and the response is ‘According to you, I’m Supergirl.’ According to you? So Supergirl isn’t defining herself? Yep, this week will be focusing on Supergirl being not so super. Take a drink whenever she’s made to feel inferior.

The next question is ‘Where are you from’ and Supergirl recites the opening monologue from the first 2 episodes. But Prada’s way ahead of her and is bored by the same old facts.Supergirl defiantly says ‘This is MY story!’ and flies to the other side of the car.

sg ep3 interviiew

Maybe it’s me, but this flying looks decidedly less impressive than the previous episodes. For the first time I think I can see the wires.

Prada is very annoyed that Supergirl has all the same powers as Superman and snarkily remarks that ‘You’re not up to his level yet.’ Take a drink.

When asked why it’s taken her so long to show up, Supergirl doesn’t understand the question. It’s really not that difficult of a question. She’s had powers all this time and she’s spent them heating up her boss’s coffee. Prada wants to know why didn’t she help with the earthquake or the wildfires?. And I want to know, too. That’s a very good point. Lots of disasters were going on while she’s been using her x-ray vision to find which stalls in the restroom were empty.

Supergirl doesn’t have an answer. The weak response of ‘I needed to be ready’ doesn’t count. Prada asks if she’s going to start a family and Supergirl is visibly offended. ‘No one asks my cousin that!’ she proclaims and announces ‘this interview is over!’ as she flies off in a huff. But to be honest, that’s a solid question and I’m pretty sure Superman -was- asked that. Yep, I just checked and the first thing Lois Lane asked Superman in their interview was ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ So that mock offense was more about Supergirl avoiding the earthquake answer than it was about a journalist enforcing outdated gender roles.

The next day Kara is eating breakfast when the waitress asks how can she eat so much and still stay so thin? First of all, you just lost your tip, lady. And secondly, was she hinting that she’s worried Kara has an eating disorder? Take a drink.

James Olsen struts in and makes a joke about drinking tea, which causes Kara to burst out laughing. Now people, if you make a bad joke (and this was a bad joke) and someone laughs and laughs and laughs, then you’re either Jimmy Fallon or that person is crushing on you hard. There’s no real purpose for this scene other than to give Kara a chance to inhale as much of Jimmy’s cologne as possible (I’m guessing Michael Jordan 23). It seems impossible for him to say a sentence without leaning in and swaying in front of Kara. The sister mentions how obvious it is that Kara wants to eat Jimmy’s sticky buns, or something like that.

Prada is in her office, preparing to write an expose on Supergirl. Wow, they really must’ve blown their budget on the first 2 episodes if the villain in this episode is journalism.

Oh wait, here we go. The next scene shows this week’s bad guy. He’s not so much a bad guy as a warning against not wearing sunscreen. That face is just nasty looking. Luckily he covers it up with a mask. On second thought, he should stick with the bubbly face because this costume looks like a dollar store Iron Man halloween outfit. You know, the one that says Metal Guy on the cover but your mom tries to convince you it’s just as good as the Iron Man costume your cousin has and she’s not spending $40 on something you’re going to wear one time, at night, just to get chocolate stains all over it. You’ll be Metal Guy and you’ll like it.

sg ep3 reactron

Back at the government base, Gruff But Lovable is mad about the interview Supergirl gave. Seemingly because it interfered with his Kardashian viewing schedule. An alert comes in about a car accident and Supergirl rushes off to help. I have no idea why a secret government agency tasked with tracking aliens gets a red alert anytime there’s an accident on the highway. The sister is all smiles though, because ‘It’s her first pileup!’ I’m not so sure the accident victims share in the glee.

These flying effects have definitely been downgraded. Very green screen-y.

As soon as Supergirl arrives, a bystander just walks up to her and gives her the low down. “Supergirl, the driver is still inside and she can’t get out!’ Slow down there buddy. First of all, this is Supergirl. She has x-ray vision so she doesn’t really need your insights about the situation. Second of all, who named you ‘accident spokesperson’? Were you driving the other car? Are you drunk right now? Maybe we need to get you down to a police station.

Supergirl runs to the car and sees a live electrical wire sparking on the ground. Excuse me, Mr Accident Spokesperson. Do ya think you should have mentioned the 50,000 volts of electricity flying everywhere? No? Doesn’t matter because Supergirl picks up the wire and snaps it in half, shutting off the sparks. Umm… let me see that again… Yep, she bends the wire, it snaps, and the electricity shuts off. I’m 100% sure that’s not how that works. Just sayin.

Supergirl saves the driver. Yay! Then she’s knocked down by an energy blast. Boo! Metal Guy floats into the scene and makes a threat. Then Supergirl beats him up with a car door. That’s it. She hits him with a car door and he flies away because his Metal Guy suit breaks. Not really a tour de force fight scene.

sg ep3 door

In the next scene we learn that the bad guy’s name a Reactron. Well just that sounds dumb. I’m going to stick with the more classy title of Metal Guy. We’re told that Superman couldn’t beat him. But since he’s not an alien, the government won’t touch him. Go figure. If you’re American you can get away with wanton destruction and crime. But if you’re an illegal alien, they’ll create a whole task force to track you down. I’m sensing some social commentary sneaking in.

Gruff but Lovable tells Supergirl that maybe she should get Superman to get Metal Guy. But why? She already beat him...with a car door. Take a drink.

I’m skipping ahead because for some reason the show goes into a spiral about writer’s block. Take a couple of drinks since I’m sure Prada would have said something disparaging to Kara.
Friendzone shows up for the first time in the episode and he tells Kara he’s madly in love with her. Not really, but he did break into an office, steal millions of dollars of equipment, and set up a high tech reporting center to help Supergirl track crime. Which is more or less the same as saying ‘I’m madly in love with you’ But Kara just gives him a ‘good job’ response. Ouch. Sorry Friendzone. It’s especially telling when earlier Jimmy simply said he liked tea and Kara basically started unbuttoning her shirt. Maybe Kara needs to take Friendzone aside and have a frank but clear ‘It’s not gonna happen’ talk with him before he goes bankrupt.

sg ep3 crimecenter

Even though Friendzone did all the work building the crime center, Jimmy has no problem jumping in and taking over explaining how it all works. To the point where Jimmy pulls Kara aside and tells her that Metal Guy is too strong for her and she needs to get Superman to help. Take a drink. She already beat him...with a car door! How about a little support? Instead Jimmy reminds Kara that he and ‘Clark’ are on a first name basis. Thereby spilling the secret that Clark Kent is Superman. Smooth move, James.

We move over to watch Fake Elon Musk be all Elon Musky and fire people for not being as smart as him. Metal Guy breaks in and kidnaps Fake Musk because he needs help fixing his Metal Guy suit. He takes him to the Metal Guy hideout...a junk yard. Which explains the suit now that I think about it.

Supergirl to the rescue! But first, she has to coordinate a party where all the servers are dressed as Supergirl. Take a drink.

Back at the Junkyard, Fake Musk agrees to fix Metal Guy’s suit, because...reasons?

Oh it’s on now. We’re about to get a battle between Supergirl and Metal Guy! This is gonna be epic! But first, let’s have Kara read the story that Prada wrote where millennials are taken to task. Supergirl, the first hipster superhero? Jimmy walks in to remind Kara that she’s not good enough to beat Metal Guy. Take a drink. (Don’t drive after watching this ep, we’re only halfway through).

Finally, Supergirl shows up at the Junkyard. She releases Fake Musk and starts fighting Metal Guy. Big mistake guy, this is a junkyard so there are car doors everywhere. I don’t see this fight lasting too long. But instead of the super butt kicking that should be happening, Metal Guy is winning?? Yep, Supergirl is passed out on the ground. How? Why? Who knows. Take a drink. Hey look! Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane. it’s Superman! Superman? WTF? Cut to commercial.

We come back from break and Supergirl is back in her apartment. I guess we missed the Superman / Metal Guy fight during the commercial. Jimmy is there as Kara wakes up and she finds out that he called Superman because he knew Kara was gonna lose. Take a drink. Kara kicks him out for not believing in her and then cries about not having a dress for the party tonight. Take 2 drinks.

Kara shows up at a party and Friendzone senses it’s a good time to make his move now that Jimmy is out of the picture. He and Kara dance in a very friendly, non provocative way. Still, you know that Friendzone will cherish this dance forever and is already making wedding plans. He may want to hold off on that though because Jimmy Olsen slides in on the dance. Jimmy literally pulls the old ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ move. There’s no way that’s gonna work is it? Nooo...Yep. It worked. You can tell that Kara’s using her X-ray vision to look for an empty broom closet so they can get… nevermind, Metal Guy is here. Fight time.

sg ep3 dance

This is some low budget stuff going on. Styrofoam pillars falling, paper-mache statues. Supergirl is told that she needs to encase Metal Guy in lead so he won’t blow up. Are they forgetting about hitting him with a car door? Jimmy distracts Metal Guy by yelling that Superman likes him more than he likes Supergirl. Did Jimmy really use ‘bros before hos’ as a tactic? Take a drink.

Supergirl melts a lead statue and rips out the bobo ARC reactor from Metal Guy’s chest. Somehow I don’t think that counts as encasing it in lead, but sure, whatever. Fight over, day is saved. I have to say, I don’t care how many times characters said how dangerous Metal Guy was, I never bought it. Remember, he got beat with a car door.

Later that night, Supergirl asks her sister to stay at home so they can watch a movie together to celebrate. The sister advises instead that Kara go find Jimmy for a super booty call.

Cut to the next morning and Kara has an extra spring in her step. So does that you think they? Kara heads straight into Jimmy’s office, and finds Jimmy talking to Lucy Lane. Aka Jimmy’s ex girlfriend, Jimmy’s hot ex girlfriend, Jimmy’s hot ex girlfriend who he neglected to tell Kara about. Kara leaves the office and all of a sudden Jimmy has to put his macking powers to the test. He knows Kara can use his super hearing to hear him talking to Lucy so he’s very cautious about what he says. Somehow he manages to still set up a date with Lucy while making it sound like he’s not talking to his very attractive ex.. You know what, take a drink. This guy is slow dancing with Supergirl one night and going on a date with his ex the next? Thats gotta be a blow to the super ego.

sg ep3 lucylane

Friendzone gets reminded one more time that he has no chance with Kara before Clark Kent decides to Applechat with his cousin to give her a pep talk.

The episode ends with the sister giving Kara a pep talk while they listen to a cover of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. It’s not Cyndi Lauper singing which means it doesnt count. Take a drink.

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The dismal performance of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows has Paramount rethinking the future of the franchise. A source from inside the studio has reported just how drastic the reaction is.

The studio is reportedly going to fire the writing team currently working on the third movie in favor of a full on reboot. A reboot means all new director and all new design for the turtles. There is still a debate among the higher ups on whether to stay live action or go back to animated. There’s a debate over the profitability of big name actors and the tried and true model of targeting to kids.

It’ll be interesting to see if Michael Bay can work his Voodoo and convince the studio to give him another chance.

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Same Supergirl, new channel

The rumors are now true. Supergirl is officially moving to the CW. This could mean absolutely nothing more than having to change the settings on your DVR. Unless they actually change the writing team or add some of the people from the other DC/CW shows i don't foresee any difference from what we have now. You'll either still hate it or still love it.

Personally I'm a little bit optimistic after the success of the crossover with the Flash. I'm hopping for the next season of each show to build up to some sort of crisis that unifies the dimensions and brings the Supergirl cast into the current DC televerse. 

What do you think about the possibility of the house of EL joining the current roster of superfriends?

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Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS3)

Injustice: Gods Among Us PS3When I was a kid, I wanted to be a superhero. I wanted a cape and a secret hideout. I wanted to beat up all the bad people in the world and I wanted to fly. I didn’t want to be Batman, because even as a kid, I knew that he wasn’t a real superhero. He didn’t have any powers. He was just a rich guy who was friends with the police commissioner. Living in the projects, I knew that those traits were more out of reach for me than getting the ability to fly. Plus, I had already tried jumping off of the top of a dumpster while holding an umbrella over my head, and the results were nowhere close to the smooth gliding descent that I had seen on Batman's TV show.

In their latest fighting game, Injustice, Gods Among Us, NetherRealm Studios is giving gamers the chance to become their favorite superheros (and villians). Using the well sculptured fighting engine from 2011’s Mortal Kombat, players can battle each other as some of DC’s most iconic characters. And for the first time, it doesn’t feel watered down. Superman punches people into space, Batman runs opponents down with the Batmobile, Aquaman feeds bad guys to sharks. It’s the epitome of comic book wish fulfillment. The list of characters is a good mix of well known standards and fan favorites. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash are joined by lesser known heroes like Green Arrow, Hawkgirl and Cyborg. Infamous bad guys, Joker, Bane, and Lex Luthor stand beside second stringers Solomon Grundy, Killer Frost, and Black Adam. In all, there are 24 characters in the game with more being added via DLC. Each character has the trademark powers we all know them for. It’s a true feat how the developers managed to balance the gameplay between the esoteric powers of someone like Green Lantern with the more grounded attacks of Deathstroke.

I've always wanted to be Superman. He was a real superhero. He could fly wherever he wanted. Bullets couldn’t hurt him. And he was strong enough to stop anyone from even trying. Superman was my guy. And when my mom dropped me off at the YMCA Boys Club for the first time, I was proudly wearing a freshly washed Superman shirt. In the summer, when there’s no school, some kids would get shipped off to summer camp to give their parents some rest. I've always wanted to be Superman. He was a real superhero.Others spent those off months playing outside in the neighborhood. But when camp is too expensive and your neighborhood is not a good place for a kid to be walking around, you get dropped off at the YMCA Boys Club. Think of it as a daycare center littered with makeshift weapons, filled with boys from 9 to 17 years old and with barely enough adult supervision to satisfy any government regulations. Each morning parents would drop off kids on the way to work, and each evening they’d come pick them up. Hopefully more or less intact. As soon as my mom drove away I was faced with a scene that was a mix between the Lord of the Flies and the Hunger Games. But I wasn’t worried. I was wearing my Superman shirt.

I had managed to map out a schedule to surviving each day. In the morning, before the big kids showed up, I passed the time in the game room, playing pool and foursquare. Once the older kids arrived, it was time to abandon the inside of the building and head for the playground. And once it got too hot to stay outside, I would head for the makeshift library, to spend the rest of the day playing board games and reading in the corner. In the end, the library became my fortress of solitude. But for a while, the playground was my favorite part of the day. Because that’s where I got to practice being a superhero.

Superman Batman BatcaveInjustice: Gods Among Us has all of the prerequisites for a fighting game, alternate costumes, distinct locations, flashy super moves, etc. Then it takes them a step further. Levels are multi-tiered, with the ability to knock your foe into an entirely new environment. Supermoves go a step further and deliver a cinematic punch worthy of their comic book origins. The single player offerings include the usual versus modes, but there’s also an inventive Star Labs section where the heroes are given different tasks to complete, not always involving fighting. Dodging debris, saving civilians, and breaking barriers are some of the skills you’ll master in Star Labs. Of course, there are still a good deal of ‘Beat up this guy to win’ type of missions, but the occasional change of pace is welcome after years of single player fighting game modes that are simply dumbed down versions of the multiplayer experience.

Swingsets are boring. Sure they’re fun for a few minutes, but day after day, week after week, even a goofy kid like me figured out that I was just going back and forth. That is, until I discovered how to ‘fly’. Here’s how it worked, first, you stand up on the seat. Then by bending your knees, and pushing forward, you get much higher, much faster that you can by sitting down and pumping your legs back and forth. Now, most of the other kids would sit down at some point and then ‘jump’ by sliding off of the front of the swing. That was fun. But it wasn’t flying. Flying was jumping off while you were still standing. Soaring through the air and landing further than anyone thought possible. Thats what I was doing. A lot. I was 12 years old and still invincible. And when some of the other kids began to copy my swingset superheroics, I had to find a way to take it up a notch. It’s not a superpower if everyone is doing it. So I decided to add a level of difficulty.

I stood on the cracked black rubber that passed as the seat of the swing and bent my legs. I pushed my feet forward while pulling back on the chains as hard as I could. For this to work I would need to go higher than I ever had before. Best case scenario, I would land twirling in the grass, armed crossed, looking like a bad ass.</>Soon I was speeding back and forth, the wind whooshing in my ears and the world blurring. The moment of truth was almost here. I couldn’t go any higher and some faint twinge of self preservation told me not to try. But it was just a twinge, and so it failed to stop me from completing the next part of my kryptonian destiny. I jumped. Just like I had dozens of times before. I figured I must have been twenty feet off the ground, no, more like fifty. And this is where I would set myself apart from all the pretenders. In mid-air, I twisted my body to spin around 360 degrees. Best case scenario, I would land twirling in the grass, armed crossed, looking like a bad ass. Worst case scenario...well, kids don’t really consider worst case scenarios. Plus, I saw Superman do it in a movies, so I knew it was possible.

Harley Nightwing MetropolisInjustice:Gods Among Us manages to mix casual and hardcore gaming together, so that even if you’re not veteran of fighting games, you still feel like anything is possible. You can hit a guy through a brick wall without memorizing a complete sequence of button presses and thumbstick movements. On screen indicators let you know when you can pick up that helicopter and slam it down on Bane’s head. But at the same time, it never feels crippled by it’s simplicity. It’s just as happy to have you dole out punishment via 20+ hit combos worthy of the best players at EVO or single button supermoves that send your opponent through a subway train.

My own supermove was a near complete success. When I made the leap from the top of the swing’s arc, I heard everyone gasp. When I spun, I heard the appropriate amounts of ‘WHOA!’ . And when I landed I heard the kid who was up next yell ‘Oh my God!’. I also heard someone snap their fingers for some reason. The landing wasn’t perfect. I must have over-rotated because instead of the cool superman pose I had planned on, I was sprawled on the grass with dandelions in my teeth and ears. Not a big problem. I’d do better next time. I didn’t realize that there’d be no next time.

I got up to soak in the adulation of the other kids, but they had already moved on. I decided to sit on the edge of the nearby see-saw in case anyone wanted to come and ask how I managed to fly like that. For some reason, getting from the ground to my would be throne was a lot harder than it should have been. My right foot wasn’t cooperating. In fact, it was screaming for me to stop moving. I hobbled over and sat down as tears welled up in my eyes from the pain. I hobbled over and sat down as tears welled up in my eyes from the pain.I sat there for an hour. Partly trying to figure out why I couldn’t walk but mostly working out how to spin better the next time I jumped off the swing. Some kids yelled that a game of ‘Bombardment’ was about to start in the gym. Bombardment is basically dodgeball on steroids. We all loved it. And if enough of us got there fast enough, we’d be able to avoid the influx of older kids that always signaled the end of ‘fun’. I got up to run to the gym, and was immediately reminded that my foot was still off duty. It should have fixed itself by now. I wasn’t worried though. Superman never stayed hurt for too long, so I was positive that my malfunctioning foot would be better soon. I hopped on one leg to the gym. and each time my right foot even glazed the ground, a bolt of pain shot up my leg. By the time I made it to the gym, any thoughts of dodging rubber projectiles had fled my mind. Instead, I crawled to the top of the bleachers, and pretended to watch while fighting back the urge to cry for help.

Injustice: Gods Among Us succeeds where other superhero games have failed. No one wants to play a game as a superhero only to find out that your character’s powers are diminished for the sake of ‘balance’. It’s not fun to don a costume only to find out that you can be taken down by an average street thug. And it also avoids the traps that other fighting games fall into. It’s easy enough to learn, but not so convoluted that you need a guide book and months of practice to enjoy yourself. NetherRealm has done a fantastic job of allowing anyone the chance to feel how fun it would be to have superpowers, even if it’s only in a game.

By the time my mom was due to pick me up at 5:30pm, I had been in the bleachers for nearly 6 hours. It wouldn’t be until the next day that I would learn the snap I heard on landing was actually my ankle fracturing. I had no idea that I was destined to spend the next 6 weeks in a cast and crutches. I hopped to the car, dragging my useless foot behind me, each step an explosion of spikes slamming into my leg. I got in the car, shaking from the pain, and the first thing I said was ‘Ma, Today I was Superman!’

Score 9/10

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Supergirl Recap - Episode 6 Seeing Red

The episode opens with Supergirl flying over the city in a shot so nice it almost makes up for some of the extra wire-y flying scenes in the past. The tranquil moment is interrupted when Supergirl hears a couple of cars battling in a road rage duel. I would think that traffic skirmishes aren’t really the most effective way to use super powers, but it seems every episode has her being a glorified traffic cop.

Two guys are banging their cars together like extras in a Mad Max movie as they drive down the street while yelling PG approved near obscenities at each other. Supergirl flies in and stops both cars right before they careen into a bunch of school kids crossing the street.

First of all, this crossing guard needs to be fired immediately. There’s no way he didn’t see 2 cars playing destruction derby for nearly a mile heading directly for him. In fact, I’m sure he saw them because instead of being in the middle of the street holding up a stop sign as the kids crossed, he was on the opposite sidewalk, watching the ensuing carnage unfold. As a crossing guard, you had one job, to guard the crossing.

With both cars stopped, the kids are seemingly nonplussed that they were mere inches away from the end of their lives. They all cheer ‘YAY!’ But I’m sure more than a few will spend a years in therapy because they wake up screaming from a nightmare of two 4,000 pound vehicles hurtling directly at them.

Supergirl is soaking in the cheers as one of the drivers gets out of the car to yell at her for wrecking his car. This makes no sense. None. Unless this guy is a psychopath, he should be happy that he didn't just become a mass murderer over a traffic violation. Instead he throws a punch at Supergirl. What? Yep, he throws a punch at Supergirl. Who does that? It would take me 4 pages to analyze what could possibly be behind this action. Maybe he’s under the influence of some rage toxin. Supergirl catches the punch of course, but now everyone looks like they’re afraid of her? What? She just saved a bunch of kids and protected herself from a maniac assaulting her, but now -she’s- the bad guy? My head is spinning.

Cut to Gruff But Lovable watching a tv news report titled ‘Supergirl scares schoolchildren’. That's a headline so skewed, even Fox News wouldn’t run it. Supergirl comes in complaining how it’s always men getting road rage. That's a weird generalization. But there's so much wonky stuff happening in this episode I don't even have time to dive into it. Gruff but Lovable says that Supergirl needs to learn how to control her anger. What? Did I miss something, because we’re 6 eps in and I don't think I’ve seen her even raise her voice. Now she’s supposed to be an out of control rage monster? There has to be a rage toxin infecting everyone. Has to be.

Now some government worker runs up to show Supergirl another video, this one is Maxwell Lord calling her dangerous. Good time to pile it on there, Betty. You know that friend that loves to call you up when your car is broken down in the shop to remind you they ‘oh yeah, I heard your Grandma is sick, too. And I want to let you know that i clogged your toilet last night. Plus, your dog died. Have a great day pal!.’ That's Betty.

Meanwhile, James and HotExGirlfriend are at a coffee shop when Kara walks in. Hot Ex invites herself to ‘game night’ which I have no idea what it is. I guess we’ll all find out later.

Prada is her office talking to her mom who is just crapping on everything. Wow. This lady is just toxic. Her daughter is a super rich, award winning, head of a communications empire and still, she’s crapping on her job choices like Prada just got fired from mopping up at Hooters. No one is this mean...unless they were infected by a rage toxin. Mommy Dearest spends the next few minutes continuing to degrade Prada and ends up comparing Supergirl to Superman by saying ‘I still prefer a male doctor’. Is she expecting to get an xray vision mammogram from one of the Kryptonians soon? Does Obamacare cover that?

Kara’s sister shows up so they can ask Friendzone to hack into the government to get info about their dad. He says no. I’d assume because, 1) There no evidence that as a low level I.T. guy for a magazine, that he has anywhere near the skills to pull off anything like that. and 2) It’s super illegal. But Friendzone ends up saying yes. Why? Well, because he’s Friendzone, that's why. This is basically the superhero version of ‘Can you come over and fix my computer while I talk to my boyfriend on the phone?’

supergirl ep6

Now we’re out in the desert and the gang’s all here. Supergirl, Gruff But Lovable, the Sister, General, and... Hot Ex Girlfriend? Yep, she’s also an army lawyer. Ok. Sure. Why not. This episode is already super confusing to me so I can’t bring myself to analyze this. The General is here to get Supergirl to fight their new robot as a test. And she has to do it, because the president said so! (btw, they tossed in a throwaway line that the president is a woman. I’m assuming it’s Diana Prince).

The bot she’s fighting is called ‘Red Tornado’. If you’re a comic book geek you’re doing cartwheels right now, if not, i’ll give you time to go look it up…. Cool eh?

Kara goes and tells FriendZone and Jimmy Olsen about the fight. Jimmy gets in real close and breathes on Kara as he talks. He lets her know she can say no. Is he mansplaining her civil rights to her? I think he is. Kara breathes in deep and is so dizzied by the amount of CK for Men she’s inhaling that she stumbles over her words. She wants to prove to everyone that she can be a team player for the government.

I’m skipping this scene with Mommy Dearest and Prada. I’m assuming it’s here to demonstrate the effects of the rage toxin that I’m sure will show up at some point to explain why everyone is acting so out of character.

supergirl ep6 gamenight

Game night time! Im expecting a room full of people playing some Wii U games. But nope. It’s just Kara, Jimmy, Friendzone, and Hot Ex playing charades. What? So before Hot Ex showed up, game night was just 3 people sitting around playing lame party games? You’re kidding me. That sounds extremely boring. So boring that the only people who’d show up to that is someone trying hard to sleep with you, or someone so madly in love with you that they’re happy to just be close by. Hmm, so yeah, that does explain why Jimmy and Friendzone would show up for this.

Hot Ex and Jimmy win at charades. Friendzone causes his team to lose and is heartbroken yet again.

supergirl ep6 freeze

Superfight time! Supergirl and Red Tornado fight and to be honest, it’s not even close. Supergirl wipes the floor with the robot. Even rips off its own arm to beat it with it. The General is very upset about this, yelling at Supergirl. Even though she just did what he asked. But now he says she’s unleashed an uncontrollable killing machine on the city. What? I must’ve missed something. Because it sounds like he’s saying the government just made an uncontrollable killing machine programmed to destroy the city. And it’s Supergirl’s fault? I rewatched this part a few times and I still can’t follow the logic trail. Unless the General is under the influence of...a rage toxin! The General wants the robot destroyed but the android’s creator, Dr. T. O. Morrow (look it up) doesnt want to see all of his work going to waste. I think I know where this is going.

Kara goes back to the office. Which is odd because I could’ve sworn there was an uncontrollable killing machine out to destroy the city and maybe that should be her priority. Prada yells at her about something and this time Kara yells right back at her. My rage virus idea is making a lot of sense now, isn't it?

The General is at dinner with Jimmy and Hot Ex Girlfriend. Which is odd because I could’ve sworn there was an uncontrollable killing machine out to destroy the city and maybe that should be his priority. Jimmy orders club soda and we find out that the General doesn’t trust a man who doesn't drink. Which makes him the only father in the world who is upset that his daughter isn't dating a fall down drunk. What could be the cause of all of this animosity. Could it be that the General is super racist? Maybe. Or maybe he’s a rage inducing toxin!

Prada gives Kara a long boring talk about how women aren't allowed to get angry at work. Which is news to me because I’m getting yelled at by women I work with almost daily. Hmm, maybe I should be better at my job so they won't get so angry at me. Nah, that can’t be it.

supergirl ep6 tornado

Red Tornado shows up and immediately knocks Hot Ex Girlfriend into a table. Obviously it analyzed everyone and determined she was the biggest threat. The Red Tornado’s biggest weapon is that is can spin it’s legs and make a tornado. (the tornado isn’t red, so it loses a couple of cool points, but still, not a bad effect). The robot sends a tornado down the street and Supergirl dissipates it by flying really fast in a circle. I shouldn't mention that Flash did this last year. I shouldn’t, but I will. Flash did this last year.

The General is still yelling at Supergirl, even though she just saved his daughter. This guy.

Kara and Jimmy meetup to talk about their feelings while working out. They both lament how because of their gender and race they aren’t encouraged to show anger. Look, I know this is a deep and complex issue with a lot of societal and cultural implications to be explored. That being said, this show is doing a very poor job of delving into it. This episode is like a suburban kid from Ohio writing a 2 page report on apartheid (double spaced, wide margins). Somehow I don't think the subject will be done justice. Also, this is basically a workout date. And it’s very cool seeing Kara use a hanging car for a punching bag.

supergirl ep6 car

Kara has a breakthrough while beating on the car and starts crying when she realizes she really wants a boyfriend. Which seems to really undermine literally everything this show has been about so far. The only thing that could save this episode is...wait for it...a rage toxin that messes with your emotions.

Back at the DEO, Supergirl says she isn't afraid of her anger and will use it to work for her, and not against her. What? I thought the purpose of this entire episode was to underline that there’s nothing wrong with women showing anger. But I guess the moral of the story is that girls better learn how to keep those silly female emotions in check and learn how to channel them into something knitting, or gardening.

Red Tornado shows up and Supergirl...shoots him with a gun. WTF!? A gun? She shoots him with a gun? Supergirl. A Gun. I give up. I’m speed recapping the rest of this ep before my brain explodes (from a rage toxin!).

supergirl ep6 gun

The Sister tracks down Dr. T.O. Morrow and kills him. Supergirl beats up the robot and kills it. Hot ExGirlFriend quits her career to hangout with her boyfriend. And Prada kills what's left of the relationship with Mommy Dearest.

Show ends. And there was no rage toxin at all. Next week lets just pretend none of this happened, ok? Oh yeah, at the end of the episode, Supergirl cuts herself on a piece of broken glass, so there’s that.

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Super Hero Wonder Woman battles villains

It is not uncommon for super heroes whether they appear in comic books, graphic novels or video games, to show anger or unfortunately violent tendencies when battling villains.  However, it is apparent to me from the back story of Injustice: Gods Among Us, that these tendencies have been taken to another level.  It looks as if these tendencies were taken somewhat to the extreme, in my opinon,  when some of the super heroes are actually depicted as bonafide villains in the video game, Injustice:  Gods Among Us.  The reason given for the super heroes having villain counterparts was that there needed to be  justification for the super heroes to fight against each other.  My counter to this justification is that even though I do not in any way condone using anger to demonstrate disagreements, I do not believe it would not have been out of character for the super heroes to fight against each other in the video game, even if they were trying to settle their differences, through video game battles.  I believe that turning the super heroes into actual villans was a step in the wrong direction.


Injustice: Gods Among Us Video Game Characters

Sometimes, characters may have an evil alter-ego -- as in the case for some depictions of Spiderman.  I did not have a problem with this because the real Spiderman was still a crime-fighting hero, while he fought against another version of himself.  The difference between the alter-ego take, and having actual evil super heroes is that  in a sense, he is one and the same character.  When seeing these type alter-ego characters, I know that more than likely, the true heroic character will triumph over the evil one.   However, when super heroes are now being depicted as villains -- that is a whole different story.


Superman battles Batman in InJustice:  Gods Among Us Video Game

Before you remind me  that these super heroes turned villains are in a different universe than the true heroes, I would like to let you know that in my opinion, this aspect of the video game does not make any difference.  A villain is a villain, regardless of the universe he or she is in.  Some video game players prefer to play villains in fighting games -- which is ok, if that is their preference.  As the saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks."  However, in my opinion, there was no need to use or show super heroes as villains in this video game.  I think there are plenty of existing villans out there who the real super heroes could have fought against.  In fact, they could have used their creative license to make up, create or introduce new villains from other sources -- instead of having well known crime-fighting super heroes to be shown as villains.


Lobo, a true villain, will more likely remain a villain regardless of what universe he is from

Of course, Injustice: Gods Among Us is basically a fighting video game, so the majority of gameplay is one character fighting against the other.  Even though some of the gameplay features dialogue,  I'm relieved that this game is not a role playing type game in which the storyline of having evil super heroes would be more evident.   The main plot seems to revolve around Superman taking over the world while in one universe, and super heroes from another universe trying to contend with this.  There are other subplots as well that involve fights between the characters in the different universes.

Regardless of which universe the heroes or villains are from, I believe that super heroes should remain super heroes -- and villains should remain villains.  I, for one, cannot imagine an evil Wonder Woman whose mission is to bring peace to the earth as well as to promote truth, justice and the American Way.  In other words, she fights villains, and is definitely not one herself. 

There is always the option for developers and others to have villains change into super heroes in video games. This would, in my opinion, be a welcome change;  unfortunately, I do not see this happening any time in the near future.


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