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Saturday, 03 August 2013 17:39

Seattle Retro Gaming Expo 2013

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Last month, I had the chance to attend the third annual Seattle Retro Gaming Expo. While only in its third year, the event was held for the first time at the Seattle Center. The Pacific Northwest is a haven for retro game collectors and gamers, so Seattle figured why let Portland have all the fun?

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The convention itself is still in the process of blooming. This year, the sponsor was Game Gurus, a local game store that trades and sells used games, including retro and even board and card games. Other sponsors included Pink Gorilla, Another Castle, and The Airlock, all associated with retro gaming and which can be found within Seattle and the surrounding areas. But the event was not only for those living here- many other vendors showed up from all over the country, including Anime Haus and Hyperkin, who brought along the Retron 5 for attendees to play before its release. Even collectors and employees from game companies were there selling parts of their personal collections.

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Aside from game sales, there was also a part of the convention for artists. Jewelry, hats, goggles, trinkets that look like sweets, soap shaped like controllers, and even custom gamer blended teas were on sale. Some of the vendors included DigitalSoaps, 2.5d Sprites, and LuvCherie Jewelry. Also, choose your own adventure books for adults were available from Choose o Matic Books.

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The next room over held freeplay consoles. Here, large groups of friends and even strangers gathered around retro consoles to face off or battle on together. While pinball was not a feature at this expo, the list of freeplay games was immense, including every U.S. SNES and N64 game, as well as games on systems such as the 3DO, TG16, and the Jaguar. On Saturday, this is also the room where Arcade Armageddon held their qualifying rounds to enter their tournament. Arcade Armageddon is an annual partnered event with SRGE, and it's only in its second year. This year, it was held right next door at The Vera Project. All expo attendees were able to play a mixture of retro games to qualify, and those with the highest top scores of the day were then allowed to compete for prizes, including retro systems, games, and more. The tournament, set up in a style similar to the movie The Wizard, also featured live performances by Fighter X, Danimal Cannon, The Icarus Kids, and Mega Ran. Contestants battled each other in rounds of Saturn Bomberman, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Street Fighter 2 Turbo. The final round was a previously undisclosed game, and was finally revealed to be Ice Climbers.

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Both days at the expo featured panels on topics ranging from chiptunes and collecting to survival horror and trivia. (Although the survival horror panel, hosted by panelist Ryan Payton, was changed at the last minute to focus on the revival of retro gaming through independent developers.) The last room offered 10 player Steel Battalion rounds, as well as many other games like Counterstrike and Wolfenstein that offered up to 16 player link ups. The freeplay and Steel Battalion rooms were some of the best offerings for getting hands on with retro gaming I've seen at any convention. The possibilities were enormous, and everyone in these areas seemed to be having a great time.

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Overall, I enjoyed my experience and am looking forward to next year, but I wish there had been MORE. MORE panels, with a more diverse cast of panelists and types of gamers addressed in the topics, MORE artists, basically more people getting involved. Those working behind the scenes at SRGE and the partner events have done an amazing job establishing the event, and they have built a solid foundation for a larger expo in years to come. It's up to us, the expo-goers, vendors, artists, and gamers, to step up, join those already involved, and make the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo reach its full potential.

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