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Bobby King, VP and Lead Designer of Pinball Arcade joined Ms. H for a riveting interview on the Mom’s Minute podcast. He discussed the current kickstarted campaign to license the legendary Addams Family pinball table and also dropped more than a few gems of info about what lies ahead for the Pinball Arcade. A deal with Sony Entertainment will bring Arnold Schwarzenegger back to pinball with The Last Action Hero table and also, for the first time Farsignt will design a completely original pinball table based on a Sony film property. That leaves a lot of room for speculation, although it’s slated to be released in time for Halloween, so that could narrow down the prospects.

Mr. King also let us know that the long awaited Xbox 360 release is nearing completion with all of the current tables in the mix. Even more exciting is the Xbox One version of The Pinball arcade is in final testing and may be out as soon as next month.

You’ll find a lot more information in the 30+ minute interview as Ms. H gets answers about upcoming tables, leaderboard hacks, Farsights new non-pinball titles, and exactly why Christopher Lloyd’s face won’t be on the Addams Family artwork.

The interview starts 37 minutes in and you can listen to the 9/22/14 episode of Mom's Minute below.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014 00:00

Project Spark: Create Your World

Project Spark BK-600x337

Project Spark

Have you ever played a video game and thought that if only the location or setting of the game was designed differently, it would be a more exciting game to play?  Or maybe you thought that if the video gameplay was tweaked just a little, you would have a better chance at winning or getting a high score, depending on the type video game you were playing.  Enter Project Spark. Now that the formerly closed beta version of Project Spark is available to all video game players-- you can do a lot more than just think about how you would like to change video games.  Tapping into your imagination and creativity, you will be able to actually create your own video games, including the world the video game characters designed by you can explore.  Maybe you prefer not to design a video game from scratch.  No problem.  You can simply play unique video games that were created by other video game players if you like.                                                                                       

Project Spark is  a video “gamemaker”, developed by Team Dakota, where you can build your own video game experiences including the backdrop of the gameplay.  You create your video game on a digital canvas that can be a blank sheet or one that has already been started for you.   You can edit, change, design, modify and create aspects of the video game with just a push of the controls on your controller, choosing from the wide selection of terrains and environments available to you. You are not limited in using only the controller when creating your video games -- You may also use the Kinect and even Microsoft's SmartGlass.


Project Spark

This game has been compared to Minecraft and Terraria by some; however, in my opinion, this game gives you so much more in the way of creativity. For example, unlike Minecraft, you are not carving your video game environment, but you are designing one that is attuned to a video game that you created yourself. In other words, you are not just building an environment from one that is already there, but you are creating one from the ground up -- so to speak. As mentioned earlier, you also have the option to get a headstart on your video game as well as the environment by choosing from those that have already been designed for you. Also, the graphics, vivid color terrains, and other elements of video game designs are, in my opinion, levels up from what is available on Minecraft, Terraria, and other similar type games. Additionally, there is the social element of Project Spark where you can share your video game creations.


Project Spark

With the above being said, you may ask, "What is the catch?" Well, even though the download of Project Spark is free, you will have to pay for some of the content for your video games. Depending on how you look at it, this may not be a drawback, if you look at this from the standpoint that once your video game is completed, it will be a true original -- which in some ways can be considered priceless.

Project Spark beta is available now and is playable on the Xbox One, and Windows 8.


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