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Saturday, 25 July 2015 21:33

Q.U.B.E. Launches to Consoles

The Director’s Cut of Q.U.B.E. has launched on the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 (available as a cross-buy) and was released on the Xbox One shortly after that, July 21st and 24th respectively, and will be available on the Wii U in August.  Toxic Games has developed the newest edition of the physics puzzler and it has been published by Grip Games

Q.U.B.E. (Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion) is a first-person puzzle game that sets you in a spaceship where you have to manipulate blocks using a pair of high tech gloves to accomplish your goals in the environment.   The Director’s Cut edition has an all new narrative single player campaign that pits you against unusual and challenging puzzles with a new original music score to add ambiance.  You can also test your skills in 10 new levels in the time trial mode.  To find out more visit

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