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New Looks at Escape from Tarkov

Sunday, 24 April 2016    Written by Aaron H

Battlestate Games has given us some more Tarkov love and released some new screens of their upcoming uber-realistic shooter:

eft alpha interface character gear

eft alpha interface raid 1

eft alpha interface raid 4

The highly anticipated shooter/MMO puts you in the skin of a mercenary who survived the initial violence of the Norvinsk region, and you must do battle in the region.  Go on raids with your friends or tough it out alone.  But beware, the game has real-life physics, this isn’t COD.  Escape from Tarkov will allow you to mod your weapons more than any other shooter to date.  This game is hardcore so don’t die or you will lose your gear, you must take care of it. And watch out for those Scavs! For more information and screenshots check out

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