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Boxy Kingdom Coming to Mobile

Sunday, 24 April 2016    Written by Aaron H

Scott Miller (3D Realms), Lee Perry (Gears of War),  and Human Head Studios have joined forces to create Dream Team and plan to release a slew of mobile games in 2016. First out the gate is Boxy Kingdom an arcade/adventure game of survival and exploration and of course….looting.  Who doesn’t love looting?  Ever play in a D&D campaign where the heroes didn’t loot EVERY dead body?  Battle orcs, ghosts, goblins, and everyone’s favorite winged nemesis, the dragon.

If you like to game on the go and you can’t get enough fantasy then this upcoming game soon to be on the App Store might be right up you’re alle……dungeon.  Boxy Kingdom is currently going through App Store certification, soon will be available for free, and will follow shortly after on Android.  

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