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Mario Turns 30!

Friday, 24 July 2015    Written by Aaron H

The lovable, pudgy, plumber that started a life-long obsession for many of us is turning 30 and Nintendo is throwing him a party!  On September 11th Nintendo of Europe will be launching new hardware and software bundles to honor our favorite Italian hitting the big 3-0.  The Super Mario Wii U  Premium Bundle will include a black Wii U console, a hard copy of Super Mario Maker, a Classic Colors Mario amiibo, and a hardcover Artbook.  Also to be released will be a Super Mario Maker Limited Edition Pack that will include a hard copy of the game, the artbook, and the amiibo – or you could go with the Super Mario Maker Standard Edition Pack which will have just the game and the artbook. 

 It is only 2 months away so save up your money now to get a premium bundle (I know I will) and we will all have a Mario party together.  So if you have been a Mario fan for years, or just want to plumb the secrets of Nintendo's most famous character get more info on the Super Mario 30th Anniversary here.

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