Spider-Man stealth suit revealed?

Apparently everybody is thwipping themselves over the latest leak for Spider-Man far from home. It features a dark costumed Spider-Man, so of course everyone who sees it, be they news sites or instagram meme makers, make the single bound leap to Spider-Man’s stealth suit from Dan Slott’s run on the character’s comic adventure. If you were to ask your humble white male cis blogger, I’d tell you that those people are a bunch of morons. That suit could be anything. It could be for all I know the armored suit from the 90’s all you see is a dark shape that might as well be a shadow. all and all in the spirit of click bait here you have it, you decide . 


Free Comic Book Day Gallery 2014

 The first saturday in May means one thing, Free Comic Book Day! This year Lawrence Young from the Fantastic Forum, Chip Cella from the B-Team, and Derrick Hopkins from Dead Pixel Live visited two of the best comic shops in Los Angeles to chronical the event. Geoffrey's Comics and Comic Bug were both filled with comic lovers of all ages. Geoffrey's added to the fun with a sale of 25% off of everything in the store and while Comic Bug gave you the chance to meet and greet some comic book royalty. Check out some images from the day below and feel free to share how you spent Free Comic Book Day 2014.

Superior Spider-Man Suit Revealed!! ....NOT!!

     So today there was a leaked  set of photos from the Spiderman: far from home movie set. the reveal a “new” costume design which is the same old costume it’s just red and black instead of red and blue. And you know social media, they’re going f***ing nuts over it. I have news for You uninitiated in Spiderman people; just because it resembles superior Spiderman in color doesn’t mean I thats it. now ultimately I don’t care about what The new costume looks like. all I care about is that it doesn’t have the shitty AI in it.  I don’t want that artificial intelligence. I want my regular ass, genius ass Spiderman. Another thing they showed in the leaked photos is Zendaya being a damsel in distress/Mary Jane character and I know people were mad about her being cast as Mary Jane. We had some racist people make some comments about her and what have you not. Now I don’t know if they’re going to make her Mary Jane officially,  I’m not opposed to her being Mary Jane because of race or anything, I just want them to make her look attractive Mary Jane is supposed to be a model, but in the first movie she looked like she never showered. That’s all I care about. you go get a purple woman, red woman, yellow woman Blue woman ,  I don’t care I just want her to look hot. All in all I just want you to look at the pictures below and let us know what you think. We’ll be mean and angry as we talk about this next Wednesday  live 6:30 pm PST right here on


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