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The GIF That Keeps On GIFing

23-05-2020 Fantastic Forum

on this episode MOE and JOE bring you up to speed with the latest headlines in the POP ulture space! Download Episode

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By Jei's Word

21-05-2020 Fantastic Forum

on this episode the gang reviews the DC/Vertigo book "THE DARK AND BLOODY". They also bring you the week's news  Download Episode

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jei manhattan

20-05-2020 Fantastic Forum

on this epsiode the gang reviews the book DC comics decided was sooo important they had to release it during the corona virus shut down. we discuss the snyder cut announcements and bring you the week's news Download Episode

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Morty's Cold Shoulder

19-05-2020 Fantastic Forum

on this episode we review this weeks rick and morty episode and joe goes in depth on his love of SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESS OF POWER. We also bring you the week's news headlines Download Episode

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Poiticizing Salmonella

18-05-2020 Fantastic Forum

Today we review the Indonesian superhero film, VALENTINE: THE DARK AVENGER, and the comic SEMIAUTOMAGIC. We also comment on the latest headlines.  Download Episode

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Season 14, Episode 14

16-05-2020 In-Game Chat

In my head, it’s more fun to think that Sony and Microsoft are having a stand off and seeing which one moves first. Like some weird game of marketing chicken or a staring contest. But, there’s likely a reality that the price of both systems has already been set. And actually, it probably has except Download Episode ...

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Kittens Doing War With Bunnies!

15-05-2020 Fantastic Forum

on this episode moses reviews Antacrtic Press' CAT SHIT ONE. Joe reviews the latest season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. OZ still cant get NIGHTWING #70 even though DC released it weeks ago. Download Episode

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Muggy In The Taint

14-05-2020 Fantastic Forum

On this episode the gang reviews The Dark Collection 1.  As always they bring you the week's news. Download Episode

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Why Me!?!?!?

13-05-2020 Fantastic Forum

this episode is extra stuffed with r3eviews and talk from all of us and hect. we discuss the following: rick and morty reawakened batman:a lonely place of dying justice league dark :Apokalips war decorum #1 and the news Download Episode

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VGS Show 591 - Longing For the Bacon Cheeseburger Burrito

13-05-2020 Video Games Show

At home shows continue on this week's VGS.  Rich, Matt, Kurt and Bob hang out virtually and talk all sorts of things.  We discuss what we (and some of you) have been playing/watching, the announcement of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2 Remake, several sources releasing physical editions of Streets of Rage 4, catching up on game backlog, long lost Taco Bell items, the abandoned Disney island, and much...

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Episode 321 - "Six!" - 21/05/19

12-05-2020 42 Level One

This week on 42 Ali and Andy shoot the breeze and talk all things videogames! Featuring Ali's impressions of Fortnite - John Wick & Detective Pikachu, Andy's impressions of Pheonix Wright, Rage 2 and A Plague Tale Innocence #Videogames #Movies #TV y'all! Tune in live on www.allgames.com every Tuesday at 9:30pm GMT (4:30 EST, 1:30 PST) and join us in the chat! Check out our website for...

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TV Tuesday 5/12

12-05-2020 Fantastic Forum

On this episode the gang reviews HULU's solar opposites, NETFLIX's The Hollow, and IMAGE's The Dying &The Dead. and they bring you the news. Download Episode

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On The Fence

11-05-2020 Fantastic Forum

On this episode the gang dissects the latest headlines. Download Episode

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