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  1. Season 13, Episode 34

    September 21, 2019

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Season 13, Episode 34

21-09-2019 In-Game Chat

Beauty, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. But it’s very hard to deny the beauty I’ve been seeing while playing God Of War. Understand first that when I originally bought God Of War, I was playing on a PS4 Pro, but with a HD TV. It was just 1080p. That was it. Download Episode ...

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Mom's Minute 9-16-2019

15-09-2019 Mom's Minute

On this, the 263rd episode of Videogames & Tech Mom’s Minute Podcast or VTMMP, Ms. H covers a hodgepodge of interesting topics ranging from the serious to the entertaining.  She shares her review of The Ship With Red Hair excellent chapter and encourages everyone to check out the completed chapters on Inkshares. Ms. H discusses esports and the PS4 video game she played, Darksiders III. Robotic food delivery takes up...

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Season 13, Episode 33

14-09-2019 In-Game Chat

It’s interesting how discussions change over time. We’ve been interviewing people who work on video games for a good many years now and I’ve personally spoke to many of them during my trips to conventions and what not. Typically you have a standard list of questions for them about their game. How long is it? Download Episode ...

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12-09-2019 Dead Pixel Live

Dead Pixel Live returns for another episode. Derrick is playing Gears of War 5 but not really enjoying it. He also finds out why he wont be the VP of EA anytime soon.  Download Episode

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The Furthest Thing From Larry's Mind

11-09-2019 Fantastic Forum

On this episode Joe gives you his impressions and a review of  IT: CHAPTER TWO. Oscar gives you his first impressions of the TITANS season two premiere. Moses reviews AMC's THE TERROR: INFAMY and GEORGE TAKEI'S memoir THEY CALLED US ENEMY. As usual they bring you the week's news  Download Episode

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